5 Ways to Treat Your Delivery Drivers with Dignity and Respect

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If you see the world with a Marxism view, you’ll believe that the world is between the working class and the capitalists. The capitalists took advantage of the needs of the working class by providing such clever services, like a delivery service in Singapore. Those at the top of business ladders know how to play with the consumer behaviour of the proletariat (working class).

Of course, the working class will continuously support the capitalist’s services as long as they can provide or persuade the people to support them. However, between the working class and the capitalists, some people have the task to deliver the services or products — the delivery drivers.

Delivery Drivers: The Link Between Working Class and the Capitalist

The delivery drivers work based on the request of the working class. You can order your cravings from a restaurant or buy an item from a store.  After that, you can request delivery service. The delivery drivers or servers link the capitalist and the common labourers. They are the ones working for both groups. Yet, people do not appreciate them because their job may look insignificant in the world obsessed with power.

They are like the bottom-feeders in the Marxism ideology. But, it doesn’t give you the reason to be impolite when working for people who serve you. An ideology is only a belief inside a human mind. It’s not the universal truth, which you can accept for the rest of your life.

Hence, let this article show you how you can be respectful to the delivery drivers from a delivery company in Singapore.


The Proper Ways to Treat Your Delivery Drivers

Powerful and powerless. Privileged and underprivileged. Different words, different meanings, but with one thing in common — everyone deserves respect. On a subconscious level, you may think that you can be rude to people below you. You may accept that it’s okay to be disrespectful to people who serve you, such as the delivery drivers.

It is when your moral compass whispers into your heart that there’s something you need to change.  It is the urge to treat people better. They are someone who works a dirty job, who sets aside their pride to survive, and who chooses to be righteous in an unjust world.

So, follow your heart and keep these tips when treating your delivery drivers with dignity as you get your pickup and delivery service in Singapore.


1) Be Considerate With Their Health

Working outside is not an ideal job during a pandemic crisis. Luckily, some people are willing to risk their lives to provide people with their needs. On top of the healthcare workers, there are also the delivery drivers who have a parcel delivery service in Singapore. This way, it closes the gap between two people and provides your needs.

Hence, when interacting with your delivery drivers, you need to clean your hands and wear a mask. For sure, they have families waiting at home. Be considerate with their health because they’ve risked themselves only to provide you with a delivery service.

2) Practice Patience

Is your parcel late by five minutes? Instead of complaining to the delivery company, why not consider the factors of why your delivery driver was late. Did the driver take a break because he felt exhausted? Was the traffic worse during the transit of your parcel delivery service? Those factors are essential when you want to be patient with a delivery driver.

Sometimes, customers are not always right if they leave their morals behind the doors of their hearts. Being right is also about being considerate and understanding. So, if your delivery driver said sorry about being late, it’s better to say it’s okay because you still fulfilled your delivery service duty in Singapore.

3) Prioritise Safety

When waiting for your document delivery service in Singapore to reach the recipient, there are instances where you will update your driver from time to time. Some inpatient clients might ask the driver each minute: where are you? Are you near the recipient? If you do this, you will pressure your driver to drive fast and ignore the traffic signs. In the worst case, the delivery driver can have an accident because of your demanding needs.

So, be more willing to wait because you have to prioritise their safety. Better yet, you could have asked the driver while on the road. This way, you will boost their morale and be more inspired about providing delivery service in Singapore.

4) Give Tip — If You’re Willing

Since a delivery service is personal to every client, there’s an unseen service that delivery drivers serve people. It is making human relationships closer. Do you want to send someone a surprise? Look for a delivery service to give to a friend. Do you want to get the latest book? Hire pickup and delivery service to get it on the release day. See, it’s personal, and without delivery drivers, you would achieve this.

To make a driver feel more valued, you can give them an extra tip for their service delivery. On top of the pay they get from the company, it’s better to show your appreciation by adding to their salaries. It doesn’t have to be 100 dollars or more because even a small tip can make a big difference to a driver’s day.

5) Be Calm and Understanding

Do you receive an order with a small scratch?  Before you burst with complaints, you should logically think of solutions.  A small scratch has many remedies. You can use tapes, glue, or ignore it.

There are chances that it is not the fault of the driver why there are scratches or scrapes. Can you imagine travelling a long distance for delivery service? For sure, it will not be as smooth as you think because of the bumpy road. Although you have the right to complain, it is not always morally correct to vent your frustration to the drivers.

After all, shouting at a delivery driver can affect their morale in a day. You do not know what they have been through or their problems. Hence, practice being calm and understanding when having your pickup and delivery service in Singapore.

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