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Low Cost Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer 

A Low Cost Printed Circuit Board is not synonymous to low quality. PCB Assembly and manufacturing Business need big Investment and Expertise. No PCB Manufacturing Company will want to ruin its reputation by supplying a cheap poor quality product. It’s all about how a company uses its resource and manage to keep affordable and cost-competitive. 

Best Low Cost Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer and how to find the cheapest china PCB manufacturer


ALLPCB is a professional PCB manufacturer platform that allocates to gathering the best PCB manufacturer in China and provide the best service to their customers. And their PCBs enjoy the highest quality certified by the international establishment.

Why the PCBs they offer are the cheapest?

1.ALLPCB has established a reliable and strong connection with experienced with PCB manufacturers in china, which provides various choices of price and make the price favorable and competitive go their customers. Hence, customers can place their orders with the best and cheapest price.

  1. They acquire a transparent ERP system that makes the entire purchasing process touchable for customers. With the help of this system, there’s no hidden cost in the purchase, and customers will get the best and cheapest and affordable price for PCB manufacturing.

3.ALLPCB hires many experienced and professional engineers to serve their customers. They will provide helpful advice on the PCB manufacturing and designing to reduce the cost for customers, providing the lowest prices with high quality to them.

  1. ALLPCB gives some discount PCBs all the time. This is a special service for the hobbyist and student who cannot pay the large expense on PCBs. Customers also get good quotes when they order directly from 


PCBone is one such company that understands PCB manufacturing and can deliver top quilt PCB at affordable and competitive rates. The company believes delivering quality comes before making a profit. 

The company provides – Advanced PCB Manufacturing, SMD-Stencil, Custom PCB Design, PCB Assembly Services, and PCB manufacturing.

Whether your requirements are small to medium scale or PCB prototype production in a quick time, PCBone can do it at all the lowest price possible without compromising with the quality.

 Why Buy from PCBone

 Low and Affordable Cost.

Long term experience.

Swift production 

MOQ is low 

24 Hour Technical Support

Worldwide On-Time Shipping by DHL

One-stop solution for cheapest and affordable PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly

Apart from the affordable and cheapest rates, another reason to choose PCBone as your PCB supplier and manufacturer, they provide – stop solution of PCB assembly and fabrication services all under one roof. The company will Procure all the Electronic Component, Manufacture the Board, and do the Assembly both Thru-Hole and surface mount technology, and the Final Testing.

PCBone has got a huge investment in setting up dedicated Assembly Line for both surface mount technology and Through-hole. Their State-of-Art Wave Soldering, Pick-and-Place Machine, Reflow Soldering, and Modern Testing tool has No Match.