Funeral And Death: Delivering Bad News To Your Loved Ones

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No one knows the exact departure of someone from the physical world. Things happen suddenly, and the loved ones are left hanging. There is also an overwhelming feeling because your life changes in an instant. It is why in Singapore, death and funeral services are not secrets and lies. You have to deliver the news one way or another.

Yes, it might be hard but remember you are doing it for the loved ones who are mourning and are currently in denial of the situation. Aside from proper funeral planning, follow these tips on sharing the news with the relevant people.



In Singapore, funeral services are like your typical gathering about honouring the legacy of the deceased. It is an event where people should act decently and practise proper etiquette. No one sees it as a spectacle or a celebration because people are mourning the loss of their loved ones. In short, be sensitive and think of their feelings.

Another aspect would be the difference between Buddhist and Christian funeral services in Singapore from non-religious ones. First, it depends on the belief of the immediate family. They base it on their life-long practices and traditions. The second reason for such preferences is their preconception about death. Some religious families might decide on having non-secular gatherings to cater to their guests.

Lastly, aside from the family in Singapore planning for funeral services, guests, friends, and other visitors are expected to show proper conduct. That includes wearing the appropriate attire depending on the type of gathering, maintaining peace and order in the vicinity, and avoiding gossip and rumours that disrespect the deceased and their family.

In the next part of this article, let us explore some tips on how you confront loved ones about this saddening news. You are doing this to help them cope with the situation.




Death is something challenging to announce. It probably reminds someone of their days at the university when they got their first failing mark. Or even the time they crashed their parents’ car. In all seriousness, a part of proper funeral planning is gathering the immediate family and friends to deliver the heartbreaking news.

Remember that you are not hurting people as long as you do things appropriately while being sensitive to their feelings. Here are some tips to help you effectively communicate with loved ones.


Adults may be mature enough to understand these things, but their emotions can get ahead. Also, they might have challenges comprehending the situation because they are preoccupied with it. In other words, these people aren’t in their right state of mind.

For instance, a Christian funeral service and ritual in Singapore might be new to these people. Answer their questions in a friendly manner, and use simpler words in explaining things. You also consider their emotions as of the moment because they might exhibit signs of mood swings.

Delivering the news to younger children is probably the most challenging thing in funeral planning and services. Consider their intellectual capacity and level of understanding when putting your thoughts into words. Instead of saying “they’re resting now”, be straightforward with everything. It is better to say things about death than sugarcoat them.


You have no idea how lies and secrets hurt families and almost all relationships. When it comes to funeral planningand delivering the news, never keep them from anyone. It usually happens during inheritance disputes and other family feuds possible. Some families also resort to these things because they want to “save someone” from the emotional damage of finding out about the truth.

On the contrary, always be direct with things–regardless if you are talking to children or adults–because that is one way to help them cope. Acceptance takes time, but it makes a difference when loved ones are made aware of the news. Besides, if you decide on Buddhist funeral services in Singapore, practise what you preach by being a good person.


An announcement should not be formal, given that these situations happen suddenly. In some cases where you cannot find the right words to say, prepare a spiel but be natural with it. You do not have to look like a world leader giving a speech, but you want to send the message across the room. You explain the cause of death, and other things about funeral planning,so everyone is on the same page.

It also caters to a younger audience. Also, make sure children understand everything because they are not as mature and intellectual as adults. Use simple language and terms, and avoid idiomatic expressions. Help them understand and cope with the situation.


People have questions about funeral planning, cause of death, estate planning, and how the family will move forward from it. The thing about delivering this type of news is helping people understand. Naturally, everyone is different, and they have their respective queries about the situation. Another would be the varying beliefs and backgrounds in one family.

Transparency should be a part of this situation. Answer queries candidly without lying and keeping secrets. For the children, be patient while explaining things. Keep in mind the adults know better than them. If they are confused about the difference between a Christian funeral service in Singapore from a non-secular one, give them a concise answer.

Healthy communication is the end goal. Everyone should be on the same page to avoid quarrels and other family feuds. That is how you pay your respects to the departed. Lastly, always put them first before your interests.

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