Main Hydraulic Cylinder Problems

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Hydraulic cylinder problems can arise from several factors, from manufacturing faults to damage caused by misuse, wrong installation, or maintenance failures. To avoid more serious damage, know how to identify the main problems in part and how to solve each one of them:

1. Wear On The Rods 

A significant problem with hydraulic cylinders is the wear on the chrome rods, which can remove the chrome layer and lead to oxidation of the part, thus facilitating the appearance of leaks. The problem can be caused by using dirty oil or constant internal impacts. Analysis of the part during preventive maintenance is essential to avoid this wear. It is necessary to evaluate alignment deformations, scratches, or other damage that could harm the rods. 

2. Sealing Failures

Sealing failures can also harm the entire system and usually have two leading causes: wear and tear due to the action of time or the use of low-quality products. This can lead to fluid contamination, lack of lubrication of parts, and even leaks.

The good news is that resolving seal failure issues is quite simple. The first step is to guarantee the purchase of quality products, choosing reliable and specialized suppliers in the parts field for heavy machinery. In addition, maintaining maintenance by constantly checking the seal is essential. 

3. Contaminated Fluids

As mentioned above, sealing failures can cause fluid contamination, which is one of the main problems affecting the hydraulic system and can lead to other equipment problems. Impurities can scratch the inside of the cylinder and damage the piston or other parts of the system.

To avoid this damage, always keep the hydraulic fluid free of impurities and check its cleanliness constantly and make use of specialist like John Deere Cylinder Repair Services for example.

4. Excess Pressure

Hydraulic cylinder overload caused by excess pressure can also lead to problems and harm the entire system. Usually, the overload happens due to the incorrect regulation of the valves or exposure to pressure above that supported by the part. To avoid problems, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding the supported pressure and ensure the correct adjustment of the valves, constantly checking during maintenance.

Constant maintenance by specialist such as Cylinders, Inc for example and attention are essential to avoid hydraulic cylinder problems, as well as the use of quality parts. 

What Is The Hydraulic Cylinder Used For?

The hydraulic cylinder is a fundamental part of the hydraulic system of equipment, as it is responsible for transforming the energy of the fluid into mechanical energy, which is necessary to make the engine work. Given the importance of the part, preventive maintenance and constant care become essential to avoid serious problems that can harm the machines. Over time, some flaws may arise, so you need to keep an eye out.