Must-Have Fishing Boat Accessories This 2021

Fishing is one of the most interesting and exciting hobbies for many. Some people even take deep-water fishing and angling seriously by purchasing high-quality fishing gear and accessories. Imagine angling an interesting catch such as Rosy Jewfish at Bedok Jetty!

Included in these gears are boats. Modern fishing boats today utilise and incorporate technology likemarine electrification to make them efficient yet high-powered. 

Don’t get behind the fishing sport. For fishing enthusiasts out there, this article will give you the fishing boat must-have accessories of 2021. 

Must-Have Accessories For Your Fishing Boat

Emergency Kit

Beginner fishers should not underestimate emergency kits even if they are just rounding up shallow waters. Even if your boat has the latest boat propulsion systems, you cannot guarantee your safety without an emergency kit on board. A safety kit in fishing boats is essential. But what are its contents?

Firstly, your emergency kit must contain typical first aid items. The first aid kit includes bandages, gauze, antiseptics, scissors and a swiss army knife (preferably stainless steel to avoid rusting due to saltwater), motion sickness pills, antibiotic ointment, and burn gel. 

Fishing enthusiasts commonly encounter fishing-related injuries, like getting hooked or cut by fishing lures. Slips and hypothermia are also likely on board. Extra dry clothes and a shock blanket may help with hypothermia. 

Secondly, your emergency kit should have a radio, flashlight and extra batteries. Much better if the flashlight can work underwater. You can use your flashlight as a signalling device, especially if you are stranded in the middle of the sea at night. 

Thirdly, there should be a supply of non-perishable food on board. It increases the survival rate of people stranded on board. 

Lastly, some laws require fishing boats to have emergency flares, fire extinguishers, and life jackets enough for everyone on board. Life jackets may come as vests and belt-worn. 

Don’t be complacent. Surely, electric thrusters for boats will bring you to shore faster during emergencies, but these kits will also increase your survival rate while on the water.

Dry bag or sack

Dry bags are popular outdoor adventure gear, but they are also highly useful for fishing. As the name says it all, dry bags are waterproof bags, keeping your items dry inside. Although they are not meant to be taken deep in the water, they can withstand pounding water. Dry sacks also use waterproof zippers and zip locks to prevent water from leaking in or out of the bag. 

Fishing enthusiasts usually keep their devices such as mobile phones, cameras, and tablets in a dry sack. You can also put your dry clothes in a dry bag. 

Solar Panels 

Today’s marine electrificationnow allows boats to use solar panels as an emergency power source. 

Bringing extra batteries on board can help if ever your fishing boat’s current battery gives up. If you don’t have an extra battery, solar panels are your best emergency alternative. 

However, fishing enthusiasts must understand that solar panels are not a substitute for battery chargers, but they can keep your battery running and power up your boat propulsion systems when the chargers are not available. 


Fishers and fishing enthusiasts who go in deep waters have fishfinder devices on their boats. But what are fishfinders?

Fishfinder is an instrument that is used to detect and locate fish in deep waters. This device uses the Sound Navigation and Ranging (SONAR) system. 

Sound Navigation and Ranging (SONAR) systems use sound or echo to map and navigate underwater. It is similar to how whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals communicate with each other. 

Fishfinder uses a digital screen to display the location of the fish. Modern fishfinders also incorporate the latest technology such as GPS, radars, and electronic compass into the system. 

Most importantly, fishfinder can identify which signals are for corals, debris, stones, stray weeds, and fish through specific echo sizes. 

Modern fishfinder devices work efficiently with electric thrusters for boats, ships, and vessels.


Handheld VHF Radios

VHF radio is an instrument used by ships, boats, and vessels to communicate with each other. For smaller fishing boats, handheld VHF radios are the go-to for fishing trips in smaller bodies of water, such as bays, lakes, and straits. 

Apart from communicating with other vessels, handheld VHF radios can also contact rescue services and harbour, bridge, and lock operators. 

Modern VHF radios are also capable of sending SOS text messages. Some also have a portable GPS for navigational use. 

So if you ever have trouble with your boat propulsion systems, you can call for rescue services and contact other vessels on the sea for backup. 

Folding T-Top 

Fishing days are not always the same as yesterday. There are days when the catch is plenty, while some days the ocean seems to be deserted. The latter days are tormenting, especially if you are waiting under a scorching sun. 

Most fishing boats, particularly the smaller ones, lack roofing. Instead of covering yourself with thick sunscreen, you can get a folding T-Top. A folding T-top is an accessory that provides roofing for people on board. This canopy roof can be put up or taken down quickly. This accessory installation provides shade. 

Keychain Floats

Keychain floats may be small, but they are very functional. If you are into swimming more than fishing, keychain floats will be beneficial for you. 

Given the name, this keychain floats on the water. Usually, they are made of foam. It comes in fluorescent colours for visibility. Where do you use keychain floats?

Keychain floats are usually attached to small items, such as keys and GoPro cameras, preventing them from sinking into the deep in case they have fallen off the boat or slipped from the grip. 

You can find personalised keychain floats online or make your own design. Amidst the prevalence of technology in fishing today, including marine electrification, sometimes an ordinary keychain is still a lifesaver. 

Final Words

Fishing is more fun when you have useful and reliable boating accessories on board. Prepare for the next fishing season with these must-have fishing accessories!


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