10 Office Renovation Tips In Singapore For The New Normal Workplace

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The coronavirus pandemic has managed to change how everything looks, works, and feels within a few months. The majority of the workforce adapted countless regulations that are not like anything they have ever encountered before. Their commercial space or office interior design in Singapore transformed into an alien environment with plastic protective barriers, bottles after bottles of sanctuary supplies, and nearly empty rooms inhabited by deafening silence.

With the fluctuation of COVID-19 cases in the country, a bulk of the labour force is still working with the comfort of their home office desk in Singapore. Some companies are slowly returning to their usual face-to-face office duties, but a lot of employees are hesitant to step outside of their safe havens to fulfil their job responsibilities amidst an environment where invisible dangers lurk.

As a result of their fear, employers like you have a heavy responsibility of convincing your workers that your company is 100% safe for in-person duties. Health experts encourage executives to have an office renovation in Singapore before prompting a return to their place of business to ensure their labourers’ protection from the troubling virus. To help you commence your remodelling, here are ten office fix up tips that support a healthy and secure construction of the new normal workspace:

Design A Receiving Area

Entertaining visitors, clients, and delivery personnel at a receiving area can help you control who comes into your workplace, which can minimise the transmission of the virus. If you do not have a receiving area yet, you can easily set one up by first choosing a spacious area near the entrance that can hold a few guests. You can then purchase an office desk from a Singapore furniture shop and place a couple of stools near it where your visitors can wait for assistance from your staff.


Designate A Sanitation Station

When planning for your office renovation in Singapore, make sure to include a sanitation station near the entrance, exit, and bathrooms. You can set up an office desk in these areas where contactless disinfectant dispensers and thermometers are placed. Make sure to have a few storage trays that will hold these sanitising essentials to prevent clutter.


Display Health Protocols

As your employees go around the office, they should see posters that remind them about the safety precautions they need to follow while performing their duties at the workplace. You can place these reminders near doors, bathrooms, pantries, and nearly every room in your building. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even hang these guidelines on everyoffice desk in your Singapore enterprise.


Improve Indoor Air Conditions

COVID-19 transmission is at a higher rate indoors. According to the Environmental Protection Agency in the US, coronavirus-ridden fine droplets can spread and move throughout an insufficiently ventilated room. To reduce communication of the virus, you can open windows and doors and rely on the capabilities of air purifiers and ionizers which can be bought at someoffice furniture retail stores in Singapore. You can also change the filters of your air conditioning units to alternatives that can trap bacteria, viruses, and pollutants.


Revamp Your Outdoor Space

The impressive outdoors serves a crucial purpose in a world where a dangerous disease brings grave dangers indoors. Turning an unused rooftop into an additional meeting area can help you lessen the contraction of COVID-19 in the workplace while boosting your employee’s enjoyment and motivation. When planning out your office renovation for your Singapore business, pinpoint outdoor areas suitable for a multi-purpose space for professional and recreational activities.


Revise Layouts

Your new normal commercial office interior design remodelling in Singapore is the perfect time to rethink your dated layouts. If you are used to shared spaces and compact stations, you should start coming up with a different arrangement that suits the health guidelines enforced by the government. Since your company will be physically working in a limited capacity, you can space out your office desks at least one meter apart.


Consider Personal Workstations

Aside from revising your layout, you can also consider getting cubicles for your office renovation in Singapore. Instead of buying hideous plastic or acrylic protective barriers, you can invest in a few cubbyholes for your office. These tall and often soundproof nooks can protect your employees from catching the coronavirus while giving them privacy as they finish their tasks throughout the day, eliminating distractions that can affect their productivity.


Adapt Technological Innovations

Since around half of your workforce will still be performing their duties remotely, you will need an effective way to communicate with them while you are in the office. You can set up a meeting room containing a widescreen where you can discuss, present, and check in with your stakeholders. Talk to an office furniture retail shop in Singapore and ask for table and chair recommendations to adorn your modern conference area.


Don’t Forget Your Branding

Remodelling your establishment to accommodate the numerous health restrictions does not mean you can sacrifice the aesthetics of your interiors. Every piece of furnishings inside and outside your building should reflect the values, goals, and personality of your company. Every office chair, cubicle, desk, and other Singapore furniture you buy should have a unifying style that lets everyone know who you are and what you do.


Give Importance To Employee Comfort And Safety

The most crucial tip in having an enterprise makeover is putting worker comfort and safety as your initial and most vital concern. Aside from enforcing measures that will keep them protected from getting exposed to COVID-19, you should also ensure that they are content in working face-to-face. Everyone is living in a trying time right now and having furniture and equipment that can provide comfort is beneficial for their well-being. Simple gestures such as choosing to buy an ergonomic office chair in Singapore over those painful, plastic ones can make a difference in the experience your employees will have in their workplace.

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