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The eyebrow embroidery priceis worth an investment for a hassle-free style without going through countless hours of using pencils. From social media to real-life gatherings and events, we all take an interest in making our ‘eyebrows on fleek’ at every chance we have.

In today’s time, getting eyebrow embroidery in Singapore is a rising trend because of the natural look and how it enhances your overall face look. Whether you prefer a soft or a bold brow, there is always the right choice you need. However, one thing many should be concerned about is how to make it last! Here are aftercare tips to make your brow embroidery last longer:

Refrain the area from getting wet

Whether you opted for a conventional brow or a 6D eyebrow embroidery, it’s worth following that you avoid wetting your eyebrow for up to at least 48 hours after the procedure. You may ask why? Water can cause the pigmentation to become looser, which means it will prevent microblading from remaining intact in your skin.

Avoid scrubbing and picking up scabs

It can be tempting to pick up scabs. However, it is best that you avoid picking up the scabs and scrub your brow area. It takes a lengthy couple of days (3-4 weeks) for your brows to be fully ‘healed’. Touching your brow area, especially after the procedure, can cause infection.

Use healing cream after the procedure

If you opt for lips embroidery in Singapore, you may need to use an aftercare cream for post-procedure healing. The same can be said if you have eyebrow embroidery since you will experience scabbing, which can be irritable. Using a healing cream will help you resolve this problem, and it will be advisable to apply the cream two to three times per day.

Opt for a touch-up appointment

Going for a specialist after a couple of months for a touch-up will make your embroidery look fresh by providing corrections or making changes. It’s often cheaper than getting full brow embroidery.

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