4 Bathroom Upgrades Using Sliding Window & Door in Singapore

Various models for a sliding window in Singapore are gaining popularity due to their space-saving qualities. Unlike a swing window (or a swing door in the matter), a sliding window does not need an inward or outward space. Thus, a sliding window is great for small space bathrooms prevalent in Singapore households.

If you plan to update the design of your bathroom, adding a sliding window or door is a great idea. Today, we will share four ways to utilise a sliding door or a sliding window to make your bathroom more attractive and functional.

·Use a sliding window as a skylight

A skylight is a sliding window placed on the roof to provide light and ventilation. It is good to add a skylight in your bathroom to allow the abundant sunlight in Singapore to enter and illuminate it during the day, a smart way to save energy.

You may add either a glass sliding window or an aluminium window in Singapore. The only difference will be that in the former, the sunlight will pass through even when the window is closed while the latter will hinder the sunlight from entering when closed.

· Replace your vanity door with a sliding door

If you are saving space in your bathroom, replacing the vanity doors with sliding glass doors will make it more aesthetically pleasing while saving space. With this setup, you will be able to free up some floor space to walk on or to place your pail or other bathroom essentials on.

· Add a sliding door between the toilet and the shower area

In small space bathrooms, the toilet and the shower area are mostly combined. You can maximise the functionality of these two areas by adding a sliding door between them. This way, the door can act as a wall or divider so two people can use the toilet and the bath at the same time. Acurved shower screen in Singapore can also do the trick as it is space-saving and equally beautiful. 

·Add a sliding window in the toilet area for exhaust

Running an exhaust fan can take a toll on your electricity bill. A sliding window near the ceiling is a good way to naturally ventilate your bathroom and remove unwanted odours inside. You can further keep the sliding window small or tinted for privacy.

Are you planning to upgrade your bathroom to make it more pleasing and functional? Free up some space in your bathroom with a sliding window and door. Visit Eatons Interior for a wide array of designs today!