4 Safety Precaution Tips For Choosing Baby Shower Gifts In Singapore

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Baby hampers are boxes or baskets filled with newborn essentials, such as diapers, bibs, cute onesies, baby wipes, baby shower soap, and so on. They are popular baby shower gifts in Singapore.

You can buy baby hampers as a baby girl gift set in Singapore or fill and decorate your own basket. Just a few reminders, people should consider the safety of the items in the baby hamper before giving them to the parent. Otherwise, it could endanger the newborn’s life.

This article will discuss several safety factors you should consider when choosing a baby hamper in Singapore.

4 Safety Precaution Tips For Choosing Safe Baby Hamper Items In Singapore

What are the typical items that go into a baby hamper in Singapore? Baby hampers usually contain items that belong in the ‘four-gift rule’. These are items that the baby needs, wants, wears, and reads. These items could be diapers or bath gel. It could also be a travel change mat and feeding utensils.

Here are the factors to consider to ensure the safety of your baby hamper items in Singapore:

1. Select baby-safe toiletries and bath products.

The baby’s skin is sensitive. It is prone to rash, redness, and irritation when it gets into contact with harsh chemicals.

As much as possible, choose a baby shower gel, shampoo, and lotion made from natural and organic materials and toxin-free. The chemicals in shampoos and shower gels can harm babies’ skin and even irritate their eyes. The toilet essentials are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and clinically tested.

In addition to organic items, vitamin-based bath products can also help enrich your baby’s skin and scalp!

Much better if the toiletries you will include in your baby hamper in Singapore are from a reputable brand and manufacturer.

2. Understand what kind of clothes newborns need.

Dressing a newborn is far different from dressing a year-old baby or a toddler. Newborns are more delicate; hence, clothes must be extremely safe. Usually, infants need onesies or jumpsuits, tops, bottoms, socks, gloves, and caps.

There are several factors to consider when choosing appropriate newborn clothes for your baby shower gifts in Singapore:

●    Fabrics

As mentioned, newborns have sensitive skin prone to irritation and rashes. Cotton and other natural fabric is the best option for babies. They are soft, lightweight, and breathable.

Flexible or stretchable fabrics make great jumpsuits and onesies for newborns. You can also choose a textile with a low fire hazard label.

●    Size

Pick newborn clothes that are the right size or slightly bigger. Tight-fitting clothes may choke and squeeze the baby. It can also cause discomfort to infants.

●    Design

People should really pay attention to the design of the clothes before including them in the baby hamper delivery in Singapore. There are designs that are hazardous to newborns.

Firstly, clothes with drawstrings can strangle the baby’s throat and limbs, especially since newborns wiggle a lot.

Secondly, avoid newborn clothes with beads and buttons. Babies love to pick on things and put them in their mouths. The beads and buttons can be a choking hazard.

●    Maintenance

Babies change clothes more often than adults do. Choose baby clothes that are easy to wash and dry.

3. Opt for milestone toys.


It is not uncommon to include toys, like teddy bears and baby mobiles. But if you don’t choose carefully, the toys you might add to your baby shower gifts in Singapore may endanger life.

Here are the things that make toys hazardous:

●    Small parts

Toys with small pieces like building blocks can be a choking hazard. As much as possible, choose a bigger version of this toy. The rule of thumb for choking hazards is the tissue roll tube. If the toy piece can pass through the tissue tube, it is a choking hazard.

●    Toys that shoot

Toy guns, launchers, toy catapults, and water blasters are dangerous to your baby. Babies or their playmates may shoot them in the eyes by accident. Don’t include these toy types in your baby hamper in Singapore.

●    Loud toys

The baby mobile, or the things you hang above the crib to lull babies to sleep, produce soft, soothing sounds. It is a much better choice than the loud ones that could affect your baby’s hearing.

Also, ensure that the baby mobile is out-of-reach of your child. The strings attached to it can cause strangulation.

●    Low-quality soft toys

Avoid adding soft toys with beads and buttons to your baby shower gifts in Singapore. As much as possible, avoid buying those with battery-operated soft toys until the baby is in their toddler years.

If the baby is still an infant, avoid filling their crib with soft toys; otherwise could cause suffocation and entrapment. You can start giving them soft toys when they are crawling already. Put at least two small soft toys in a crib all at once.

Milestone toys are better options for baby hamper delivery in Singapore. High-quality rattle shakers for sound stimulation, teething toys for dental development, and soft dolls are for babies six months and below.

For babies six months older, push and pull toys for muscle development, large and soft blocks and rings, balls, and plastic bowls are ideal.

4. Choose baby-safe baby grooming kits.

Baby grooming kits contain a brush, comb, toothbrush, nail clippers, nasal aspirators, medicine dispenser, and thermometer.

Choose a hairbrush with soft bristles. Remember, some spots of your infant’s head are still soft and tender. Similar to the hairbrush, a soft-bristled toothbrush doesn’t hurt the baby’s gum.

It is better to add some alcohol and disinfect swabs for the nasal aspirators and nail clippers to your baby girl gift set in Singapore.


Don’t just choose any baby hamper in Singapore. Choose the one that is safe, high-quality, and durable. Otherwise, the gift that is supposed to bring joy to the baby and parent may bring terrible disaster.


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