5 Types of Signs from a Signage Company in Singapore

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Without signages, your business would not amount to much. We use signage for various purposes that benefit our businesses. Signages are crucial for business because it helps market your products, communicate and inform your customers, and represent your company’s brand. Signages are also significant for setting your brand apart from competitors and increasing brand loyalty. That is why they have become the dominant backdrop of Singapore.

You need to take the task of choosing signage for your business seriously. It is an investment that can attract potential customers to your company. But signages as a marketing, branding and sales tool will only work if everyone who views it finds it pleasing and engaging to see.

Types of signage may vary. Because signage conveys crucial information, suitable signs represent your business. You must be careful about aspects of signage such as colour, size, theme, and other factors. They influence how the public perceives your signs and how they reflect your business. People who view your signages will associate them with your business.

But before you get to that stage, finding the right signage style or type matters more than other factors. You should learn more about the sign types a signage company in Singapore can provide you with.

What is Signage?

The definition of signage is broad. Signages are any kind of visual display used to convey messages or communicate information. For example, an LED video wall in Singapore  that lights up to display a company’s name and brand counts as digital signage. Informational displays outside storefronts persuade people to buy business signages too. Other types of signage may encourage viewers to make certain decisions for the benefit of a company.

Do not doubt the importance of business signage. They are often the first point of contact between a business and a consumer. Store signages can represent brands and point people towards specific areas of the store, lure potential customers inside, or inform them of daily deals. Most, if not all, types of retail outlets will have at least one signage.

Business signages don’t just come in wall signs or posters anymore. As stated above,  signages come in a startling variety of styles and types now— you may notice that electronic signages are becoming increasingly common. In the digital world, where everyone is exposed to flashy signages, you might need to up your game if you want to get noticed. Some companies equip themselves with a video wall in Singapore and other digital means to ensure their brand remains seen.

What are the Different Types of Signage?

You can find many different types of signage that businesses use to ensure that they reach their maximum potential. You can often see these sign types working together for the benefit of consumers. Your business may need at least one of each type of sign for maximum chances of success in the field.

1) Wayfinding signs

We use the wayfinding signs to find our positions and identify crucial routes within a specific premise. If you have a large interior that you want your customers to explore, then wayfinding signs are your friend. You need to be careful about where to position these signs to guide your customers down a path. You can create regulatory signs that limit a person’s movement or generate directional signs that point to where customers need to go to move on to the next area.

2) Outdoor signs

Outdoor signs are perhaps the most vital type of signage because they are the first thing any potential customers see when they find your store. Therefore, they are powerful marketing tools that you must use wisely. Ask a signage company in Singapore what types of outdoor signs you can use. You can use everything; like wall displays, murals, pillar wraparounds and even vehicle graphics. They can help notify customers about your store’s existence and its various products and services. If you can only choose one type of signage, choose an outdoor sign instead.

3) Informational signs

This self-explanatory signage category is extremely significant to many businesses because the information is the heart of operations. Without giving your consumer the right information, they may become frustrated by the lack of answers and refuse to consume your product. They are necessary to help customers navigate buildings and other areas of note. When customers get the right information, they are more likely to return or spend more time in the store.

4) Digital signs

One of the groups of signages rising in prominence today is the digital sign group, which includes everything from LED signs to light-up touchscreens. Multimedia displays with audio and video are one of the best ways to catch the audience’s attention. The flashy displays may give you an edge over your competitors in attracting consumers’ attention, which is why it is a favoured sign type for many businesses nowadays.

A digital signage company in Singapore might be able to present you with many options for digital signs. Some are as big as billboards, while others stay within handheld gadgets. Digital signage is the key to a modern future for businesses.

5) Persuasive signs

Again self-explanatory, the persuasive type of signage is best for marketing purposes. The purpose of a persuasive sign is to entice customers into buying a product. Some types of persuasive signs lead them inside stores with the express purpose of checking out the products and services. Examples include sale signs, buy now signs, and other types of signs that attempt to convince customers to buy something from stores.

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