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No matter how big or small a home is, the first thing that homeowners and guests will stumble upon is a sofa beside the side tables for the living room as soon as they come inside.

Even though a living room is an area where homeowners welcome their visitors, it is also a space where they spend most of their time. According to Daily Express, an average person will spend approximately 16 hours per week on the sofa—between meals.

It is not surprising since not only is it a few steps away from the front entrance, but after a long day at work, an average employee will no longer have the energy to go upstairs to change their clothes and relax.

Chances are, the same goes for you. Like the rest, the moment you see a 3 seater fabric sofa in Singapore, you will quickly lay down to relax as you catch up with your favourite TV shows or movies on Netflix or Disney Plus. You could also just lay down and nap for a while before eating your dinner.

It only makes sense to invest in a high-quality sofa, given the importance of a couch in everyone’s lives. You might otherwise develop health issues such as muscle strain and poor posture if you do not own one. That is why you must be cautious when buying a sofa.

7 Ways To Check The Quality Of A Good Sofa


1. Mind The Fit

It is pointless to buy a couch if not everyone in your household can sit comfortably. If you have a family of three, consider getting a 3 seater leather sofa in Singapore. Having enough space for everybody will help them relax more as they watch together with you.

The length that can accommodate three to four people is between 78 and 90 inches. Be sure to choose a couch with this dimension in mind if you prefer spacious seats for everyone.

Even if it is not everyone, this size can support your back without needing to place your feet on the floor. You can rest your red on both ends of the sofa and doze off comfortably.

2. Check The Frames

The quality of a good sofa also depends on its frames. These parts should be solid and sturdy enough to guarantee they can support the heavyweights of anyone who will be sitting on the couch.

You will know the sofa possesses these qualities as soon as you touch each side and lightly knock. If you hear a hollow sound, that could only mean that it has a concave interior. In other words, some parts are pretty empty and not enough material to support any pressure or weights.

3. Examine The Joints

If you plan on buying a 3 seater fabric sofa in Singapore and its joints are not visible on the surface, call any salesperson nearby to remove the dust covers. In most cases, they will lift them for you until you can see the legs. Consider looking closely at the joints and examine if they are glued, staples, or screws.

Among these three ways of fastening the joints, the best option is to screw since the joints will not come apart that easily. When the screws come too loose, you only need a screwdriver to fasten them again.

4. Feel Upholstery

Another area you need to check to determine the quality of a good sofa is to feel its upholstery. If you are not familiar with this term, upholstery is a fabric material that covers the entire surface of a couch or other pieces of furniture.

To feel the upholstery, consider sitting on the sofa of your choice but make sure not to sit on the arms of the couch to prevent any distortion. Afterwards, look through all the sides to see if it is fully upholstered.

5. Probe The Arm Style

Speaking of sofa arms, you should need to probe the arm style of the sofa of your choice. If you plan to buy a 3 seater leather sofa in Singapore, you should know that there are many options you can choose from, like clean-lined angles and winged silhouettes.

Knowing the difference between them will help you choose one that suits your preference but make sure you test out the arms by feeling how sturdy and firm they are. The sturdier and firmer they are, the better the quality. That means you can rest your head on the sofa and armrest when you take your nap without worrying about damaging it.

6. Test The Seat Cushions

Apart from examining the joint and probing the arm style, testing the seat cushion is also a crucial step you need to do when checking the quality of a couch.

Remember that the type of filling and how much it has also determined how good a sofa is. Consider sitting on the couch of your choice for five to ten minutes to test the comfortability of the seat cushions.

A quality sofa has enough softness and thickness. That means as soon as you sit on it, you will not sink, and the foam will not flatten right away.

7. Inquire For A Warranty

The last thing you need to check is if the sofa you want comes with a warranty. This certification gives you peace of mind that a furniture shop will be liable and cover the repairs when the couch has arrived with damages.

Need A Guide With Other Pieces Of Home Furniture?

If you also plan to replace other pieces of home furniture besides the couch, it would be best to consult an expert. The staff from a furniture shop in Singapore can give you enough tips that can help you weigh your options and choose the right home furniture according to your needs and budget.

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