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Ask these questions before hiring Albuquerque truck accident lawyers

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You suffered serious injuries and losses in an unfortunate truck accident in Albuquerque. What’s next? Accidents involving trucks and 18-wheelers are not rare in New Mexico, and given the sheer size of these vehicles, the damage can be extensive, even in minor accidents. After seeking medical attention and informing the local enforcement, your concern should be about hiring an attorney. Before you hire one of Albuquerque truck accident lawyers, here are some questions to ask. 

  1. Who is at fault? What if I had a share in fault?

Auto accidents involving commercial trucks are often complex. There could be multiple parties at fault, and you cannot always blame the truck driver for the accident. Before anything else, ask the attorney if and how they will investigate the accident. They need to work to find and establish fault & liability, following which they will decide on the legal strategy. New Mexico is a pure comparative negligence state, so if you had a share in fault, this can impact your eventual settlement. Let the attorney know about your fault, and they can offer a realistic overview of what to expect. 

  1. What is your experience with truck accident cases?

Not all law firms in Albuquerque take truck accident cases, so experience is a key factor for selecting a lawyer. Ask the attorney if they have worked on cases that are comparable to yours. If they have, enquire about the outcomes of those cases. While most truck accident lawsuits are settled through negotiation, there is still a slim chance that the matter may end up in trial. In such circumstances, you will need a lawyer with courtroom experience. 

  1. What is your fee like?

Most truck accident attorneys work on a contingency fee. Simply put, you don’t pay the lawyer, unless and until they have won a financial compensation for you. The fee of the attorney is a percentage of the final settlement, ranging from 20% to 40%. Various factors may influence what the lawyer gets, including their experience and work involved. There could be other costs related to litigation and investigation of the case, and you must ask the lawyer about how and if they can handle these costs on your behalf. 

Finally, get a few references from your truck accident lawyer. If a lawyer specializes in such cases and lawsuits, they wouldn’t step back from sharing details. You can also consider checking online reviews of law firms in Albuquerque.