Basic Methods Biotech Recruitment

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The biotech field is one that is ever-growing, both in profits and scope. There is almost no field that is not touched by biotech, from medicine to garbage disposal; every field seems to take advantage of the products of the biotech industry. However, there are still some issues when it comes to finding the right people which may require services like, and there need to be more effective ways of finding the best employees. While some of these methods are pretty standard, biotech companies need to expand their methods so as to find better employees as well as allow for when they leave.

Traditional Methods

Biotech recruiting starts with the company sending out word that they have positions to fill. This can be through standard newspapers that want ads or even online advertising services. Recruitment agencies are another resource, and some agencies even specialize in biotech recruiting; these agencies are usually the first to receive information and therefore the best place to start for companies as well as those looking for positions. Online recruiters are also used and are usually good places as well. Temp agencies are also good places to start, especially for those interested in finding positions as quickly as possible.

College recruitment is also part of the process. Most biotech industries make sure that they have campus representatives, especially at the larger universities. They pay attention to those taking biology classes, as well as affiliated courses, and offer scholarships to those students who show promise. This also gives them the chance to nurture talent as well as work with the university in order to create the best possible candidates. This also allows the company to work with universities to ensure that they have the newest equipment to train on while at the same time they create a stream of employees for the company.

The Convention Circuit

Some companies are using conventions to help drive recruitment. While it is more useful for sharing news and comparing notes, it can be useful for biotech recruitment as well. Some companies use conventions to find employees as well as to compare notes on recruitment methods. As such, they accept resumes and business cards from potential employees and then process those when they return to the home office. It has actually become a decent method of recruitment, and some companies actually find some of their better employees through conventions. If nothing else this allows for a more informal venue for employer and employee to meet and possibly even talk shop.

Biotech recruitment can be a hard and strenuous business. However, it is a necessary step, and it allows companies with the best possible chance to find the best possible people. In an industry that requires the best possible people, having a variety of different methods to find new employees only helps the company to find the employees necessary to help them maintain their competitive edge. Combined with access to some of the best incentive packages, and the biotech companies can find the best possible employees, paving the way to the future.