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Setting a new standard for solid-state marine radar, we deliver superior radar imaging on both long and extremely short ranges. Integrated Wi-Fi makes installation easy, and Quantum’s energy efficient and lightweight design provides safe radiated emissions and reduced power consumption.

Superior Radar Imaging

The proprietary ATXTM advanced goal separation technology from FLIR shows goals such as vessels, buildings, cliffs, bays and environment cells with unmatched precision and separation efficiency.

CHIRP Pulse Compression

High short-range identification and increased aim accuracy with a whole range of 18′ (6 m). CHIRP Pulse compression means that each target hits more capacity, resulting in superior visuals across long fields. CHIRP Pulse Compression technology from Small Target Detection Quantum detects low, vulnerable targets, even when located near high returns. Quantum finds the small kayak very close to the bulkhead at the waterfront.

Simplified Configuration.

Fast Wi-Fi between Quantum and any MFD operated by Ray Marine Electronics Lighthouse II. The short power cable of Quantum diameter is simple to pass across narrow spaces. Simple to Update-Quantum utilizes the same design of bolts as radars of the previous decade. Additional cable with Quantum connector reduces the need to connect new radar cables.

Adequate resources and lightweight architecture.

  • Weighs 50 per cent fewer than conventional radars with magnetrons.
  • Safe pollution is attributable to the low-power solid-state radar transmitter from Quantum.
  • Quite small power usage (17 watts transmitting and 7 watts standby) Increased battery life for the vessel while under sailing.

The best combination of small scale, low weight and excellent efficiency are the antennas. When the room is a luxury or restricted by wiring, use a Radom antenna. Radom scanners often use less power than full array scanners which are necessary for sailboats cruising long distances.

Virtual and HD Color are suitable when power is at a premium and where rigging limits or restricts mounting space. Great for sailboats, RIBs and smaller powerboats, also in the most demanding circumstances, we offer excellent efficiency–modern HD Color provide extra capabilities and improved clarity.

  • Area 48 NM.
  • Adaptive optical receiver dynamically changes for a significantly brighter image to changing environmental and maritime environments.
  • 256 Multi-level colour goal monitor with colour palettes selectable.
  • Bird mode optimizes the receiver automatically to identify sea birds over fish schools.
  • Dual-range mode allows for the simultaneous tracking and viewing of both long and short ranges using a single scanner.

The option of medium to large powerboats and sailing vessels, full array radar scanners have greater flexibility, improved object identification and better target separation. Open array systems are eligible for excellent output at all levels, with 4kW or 12kW transmitters.

Genuinely groundbreaking, Ray marine HD Color technology improves aim identification by removing nearly all vibration and obtaining more details from the return of the radar echo than the casual navigator has ever had before.

Broadband 3G™ Radar

To novices and experienced consumers alike, this groundbreaking FMCW scanner promises excellent performance with crystal-clear imagery.

  • Core characteristics.
  • Short-range unrivalled.
  • Crystal Picture Clear.
  • Auto confirmation.
  • MARPA Goal Monitoring.
  • Zones of simultaneous protection.
  • Current On TM.
  • Small usage of electricity.
  • The danger with nil emission.
  • Fast Download.
  • Scope 0-24 nm.
  • High-velocity mode.
  • Ethernet Connectivity.

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