Considerate necessities to hire nominee director and secretary for your company?

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What is a nominee director? 

Every company in Singapore needs to hire a nominee director to handle different work activities and taking decisions for the favour of the company. It is obligatory in Singapore for companies to hire at least one nominee director who should be the resident of the Singapore or an employment pass holder. This is a law of the country’s company act. If you are a foreigner and wants to set up your business in Singapore but does not have a local person who can work as the nominee resident director, then you can hire an individual to work as a nominee director. You can take help of incorporation and secretary service for hiring Heysara nominee director and secretary. 

These services will help you in hiring the best nominee directors and secretary for your company as they are essential parts of your company. The ND should be a resident or permanent tenant of Singapore who should have a permanent address which is located in Singapore. The ND of the company doesn’t have any role in operating the business but should be hired to satisfy the country’s regulatory requirements. 

If you are a foreigner and thinking whether you can become a resident in order to be appointed as a director the company, then answer is yes. You can simply apply for the employment pass to be hired as the director of the company. After obtaining the pass, you can be the director of your company and doesn’t require any nominee director. 

How can you get a nominee director for your company? 

In almost every case, the corporate services like heysara that you use to incorporate the business would provide you with Heysara nominee director services. You can hire any corporate service provider to hire nominee directors and secretary for your company. 

What is a Singapore company secretary? 

All companies in Singapore should fulfil the main requirement of appointing a company secretary who should be a resident or citizen of Singapore. If the business has only one director than he could not work as a secretary of the company. Though, if the business has more than one director, then one of the directors could work as secretary of the company. Or, you can take help of corporate services for Singapore company secretary services

According to Accounting and corporate regulatory authority (ACRA), the secretary of the company should have at least one of the substituent credentials: 

  1. A member of the Singapore Institute of Company accountants
  2. Member of the international accountants association. 
  3. A public accountant as hired under the accountants. 
  4. A member of the Institute of certified public accountants Singapore.