CRM Software and Your Essential Choices

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Finally, decide which business processes (relationship management, activity management, lead follow-up, opportunity management, marketing campaign management,) you are going to support and how they are currently managed. You can do this based on the schedule below. This process does not have to take long. After this analysis you know exactly what you want to get started with and you know the current working method. The use of the best crm systems  are there for the same now.

How is it kept up to date?

  • Relationship management Account review meetings
  • Excel sheet Accounts
  • Excel sheet Contacts
  • Outlook Lead follow-up Sales & Marketing meeting
  • Excel sheet with new leads
  • Excel sheet with qualified leads Activity management Sales & Marketing follow up
  • Activities in Outlook
  • Outlook agenda Opportunity management
  • Weekly sales meeting Pipeline review
  • Excel sheet per sales
  • Consolidated Excel sheet Marketing campaign management Set up Marketing actions
  • Excel sheets

Outlook By whom?

Marketing Assistant Sales sends an update Marketing Manager over the weekend as part of or following the diagnosis, you or your software partner can have a Gap-fit ​​analysis performed. This is a part of the best crm platforms now. This can allow us to expose the gap between, on the one hand, the processes and the wishes of the company, and, on the other hand, the possibilities that standard software has to offer. In addition, that analysis should make it possible to make an even better estimate of the cost price associated with the configuration and any customization to bridge this gap.

Involve management and future users

Many software suppliers are happy to use their advanced technology as the holy grail. Nevertheless, as an SME it is best to keep your feet firmly on the ground: practice shows that technology in itself, no matter how advanced, is seldom the determining factor for solving an acute business problem in your organization. After the implementation it sometimes appears that the members of the management team actually had different expectations with regard to the new system and afterwards waived any responsibility.

It happens all too often that decision makers, wrongly, think that their task is done once the signature has been put and then wait along the sidelines for the final result. Underlying tensions between employees or departments also pose a real danger in determining a coherent package of wishes. No matter how you turn it around, all key employees in all departments involved will have to be involved in the analysis from the start. The decision makers of the departments involved must come to a clear agreement about the objectives and priorities of the new CRM system. Now what is crm software for you?

In practice, this should result in a realistic set of requirements and wishes that the entire organization can support. List the benefits that the system entails for end users and management, and be very specific.

  • User Activities Benefits Sales Relationship management.
  • No more reports to be drawn up Opportunity management.
  • No need to recalculate the value of the pipeline.
  • Pipeline in a weighted pipeline Marketing Campaign management.
  • All campaign responses are in a central system 2 Success of campaigns can be compared in the CRM
  • No more additional reports are needed to show the success of campaigns.