Cryptocurrencies: How to avoid falling into the clutches of scammers?

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Powerful software and the great potential of Internet resources have been the basis for the creation of a currency that is completely new. It is a cryptocurrency, a financial unit of account that, unlike the rest, has no physical variation. It is a completely artificial payment system.

Cryptocurrencies hold the majority of the market and are the most sought-after among buyers, so it is no surprise that cryptocurrencies attract particular attention from hackers or entire hacker organizations.

How do I protect myself against hacking?

Having heard about bitcoin’s anonymity, many users thought that using cryptocurrencies would be a great way to hide income. You don’t need any deep programming knowledge to track all the transactions, which puts your fortune at risk.

However, there are quite a few techniques to hide transaction traces, and the so-called bitcoin mixer, an anonymization service that is attracting more and more users, is considered to be very effective.

They mix all incoming digital money and crush it into smaller pieces. Once this process is completed, the cryptocurrency arrives in wallets as a set of different coins that make up the desired amount. The transaction trail during this mixing process is thoroughly messed up.

Bitmix.Biz review

If you’re wondering which bitcoin mixer will do the job best, Bitmix – is a great choice, link here for more detailed information. This service has a lot of advantages, for example:

  • The cleaning process is 100% automated, so the human factor is eliminated;
  • You can use up to 5 output addresses, and coins are distributed among them randomly;
  • Flexible commission plan (from 0.4% to 4% of transactions);
  • One transaction confirmation is enough to start the blending process;
  • Transaction information is irrevocably removed from logs 72 hours after the transaction has been performed and much more.