Cyprus offers Amazing Citizenship Deals Through its Investment Programme

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Of all the citizenship programmes within the European Union, many would say that the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme is undoubtedly one of the best. With full citizenship attainable within just 180 days, it’s certainly the most expedient way to gain EU citizenship.  But of course when you’re setting off on a journey of becoming a citizen of another country, it’s not just about how quickly you can achieve this goal. There will be many other factors at play, particularly if you have a spouse and children and plan to move to Cyprus as a family.

Advantages of Cyprus citizenship for families

Including your spouse and children on your application is very simple. Your family is automatically eligible and there’s very little extra paperwork to be completed to ensure your whole family is included within your application. As a destination, and indeed a home, Cyprus certainly has a lot to offer. Safety of your loved ones will be of utmost importance, particularly when making such a large life change as moving overseas. By choosing Cyprus, you’re choosing a country with one of the lowest crime rates in all of Europe. In addition, Cyprus benefits from a very high standard of education and healthcare facilities. Add to this the stunning scenery, the climate, the endless opportunities for exercise and the relaxed pace of life and you really do have a dream destination for families.

With Cyprus citizenship, you and your family members will also become EU citizens, which in turn gives a lot of opportunities. You’ll all benefit from Visa-free travel to 173 countries and have the freedom to work or study within the EU.

Advantages of Cyprus citizenship for business

For business owners, there are even more advantages to seeking Cyprus citizenship through the citizenship investment programme. Cyprus is uniquely located for dealing with other countries. The island sits at a crossroads where Europe, Asia and Africa meet. Whether you’re travelling yourself, or you’re shipping goods, you’ll find the location of Cyprus incredibly convenient. Additionally, as a full member of the EU, transportation becomes easier. But perhaps even better than all this, is that at just 12.5%, Cyprus has the lowest level of corporation tax across the entire European Union. Cyprus is well known for great tax deals, so as a citizen you may benefit from other tax breaks such as the fact that there is no capital gains tax or succession tax to pay.

Expert help is on hand If you’d like to learn about the investment requirements for the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme and determine if you fulfil the qualification criteria, then you can find out more details about the scheme on our website. If you feel this is something you’d like to participate in, then do get in touch and we can inform you of the process and advise you regarding the steps you may wish to take. Our company has been successfully helping investors to gain Cyprus citizenship for many years now. Our in-depth knowledge of the scheme is second to none, you can trust us to ensure you’re on the road to a successful new life in Cyprus.