Freelance Visa Dubai

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Dubai is known around the world as a global hub of big business. But the large enterprises are just one part of this bustling metropolis. For every Google or Microsoft, there is a solo entrepreneur making their mark in this incredible emirate.

And if you’re looking to follow suit, you’ll find a welcoming and supportive business environment awaits you. Getting started as a freelancer in the UAE is easy with the right support. You’ll even have the option to convert your freelance permit to a full business should you wish to expand your enterprise.

As the holder of a freelance permit, you can also apply for a freelance visa Dubai which allows you to live and work in the UAE. Interested? Keep reading to find out how it works.

A UAE freelance license, also known as a UAE freelance permit, enables you to operate as a business in the UAE. Essentially, the business is in your name. Permits are usually issued to those in the education, creative, and media-related industries.

It is an incredibly flexible and affordable way to set up to trade out here in Dubai. Unlike many other trade licenses, there is no requirement for a No Objection Certificate from your employer or sponsor. So, in most cases, you can set up a side project without impacting your full-time job.

You are also not obliged to take on office space when starting up as a freelancer. So, you’ll never be tied to a lengthy or expensive lease. You can work from wherever you like — home, coffee shop, coworking space. Or anywhere else that you so wish.

Freelance permits can be renewed, so you’re able to continue freelancing for as long as you want. Alternatively, you could transfer your permit to a full business license once you have generated enough ongoing trade.

When correctly licensed, operating as a freelancer is absolutely legal. To ensure you are on the right side of the law, it is always worth working with a reputable company formation agent.

Unfortunately, there remain some unscrupulous setup agents in the UAE that will take your payment without ensuring you are adequately licensed to work. This could lead to a host of potential issues, from fines to visa revocation.

How to spotillegal freelancer visa solutions providers

It is not always easy to spot a scammer, but there are few things to look out for that may reduce your chances of being stung.

Firstly, if a freelance permit provider promises that they can help you find work and get you a visa in return for cash, they are unlikely to be a legitimate company. If they advise you to lie or exaggerate on your application, that is another warning sign.