How AI Can Prevent Construction Site Accidents Before They Happen

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The construction site is five times more fatal than any other working area. So safety measures are the paramount aspect that is to be kept in check every time. 

Luckily the construction industry is developing and adopting artificial intelligence that can easily predict the injuries that could take place on a construction site.

And to shed some extra light on that part, you have been served this article which will help you learn how AI can prevent accidents before they happen in worksites.

Here is a fact – Just like any other industry (telecom, finance industry, etc.), the construction industry is also making considerable investments in artificial intelligence AI and machine learning ML.

Though it is slow to adopt such technologies as per the records the construction industry have built new ways of saving resources and providing safety to the workers, one of the prime example is prefabrication & modular construction technology.

The construction industry is a significant contributor to the world economy; more than 7% is occupied by the construction industry alone, which is worth $ 1.6 trillion USD. However, it still has a slow pace in developing and adopting AI or machine learning.

The prime reason is the lack of knowledge and information available to the workers who are working in the construction industry. So keeping that in mind, here is some crucial information on artificial intelligence and its relation to the construction industry.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence or AI is an imitation of human intelligence by machines. These machines are designed to perform actions and think like human beings. The main objective of artificial intelligence is to think logically, learn, and solve problems.

In a nutshell, AI is a human-like machine that is designed to rationalized and take actions to achieve a specific goal.

The structure and smartness of AI depend on the algorithm; if the algorithm is simple, the AI will be simple and single task-oriented; on the flip side, if the algorithm is sophisticated, the AI will tend to be more complex and be more human-like.

One other term that is correlated to artificial intelligence is – machine learning. Let us see what that is.

Machine Learning – It is the application of AI, which scientifically study algorithms and help the AI to automatically learn from experience and improve without providing any external commands.

Artificial Intelligence in the Construction Industry

As mentioned before, the degree of risks that the construction industry has people are choosing options that can bring the risk percentage to zero. However, the risks cannot be delivered to zero, as projects always have some or the other kind of risk such as – cost, quality, material, time, and safety risk.

This is where AI is brought into use, the application of these AI and machine learning is to first – minimize the risk factors as much as possible and second- prevent any kind of accidents on construction site.

Here is how it functions –

AI on the construction site

The artificial intelligence such as Suffolk, Doxel, etc. are designed to follow a deep-learning algorithm process. These AI are placed indoor and outdoor of the Jobsite that has cameras installed in it.

The algorithm in these AI starts to work and analyze images of the objects, site area, quality of material used, quality of installed work, potential hazards from available flammable items, and risks for workers if working without gloves and helmets, etc.

All the data is projected on a monitor screen where the project manager can identify each and every aspect of the construction site and take necessary actions immediately. The prediction is merely based on an AI whose sole purpose is to provide every information in the form of warning.

Final Words

Let us recap the whole article – The construction industry is one of the most employment generating sector with over 8.1 million workers. However, there is a downside to the industry; it is five times more fatal than any other sector.

So in order to minimize the risks, the construction industry is investing in artificial intelligence that helps to predict the worksites injuries of workers.

AI is not conventional in use, but as the construction industry is developing, there are changes in coming years where all workers, instead of holding traffic cones, will be operating an artificial intelligence.