How Can Patient Engagement Improve Revenue and Patient Outcomes?

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Healthcare organizations are looking for new ways to improve patient outcomes and increase revenue. One way to do this is by increasing patient engagement. Patient engagement is defined as “the degree to which patients are active participants in their own care.” But how does patient engagement actually improve outcomes and increase revenue? In this article, we’ll take a look at how patient engagement can improve both patient outcomes and the bottom line for healthcare organizations.

Improved Patient Outcomes

One of the most important ways that healthcare engagement solutions improve outcomes is by increasing patient compliance. When patients are more engaged in their own care, they are more likely to follow their treatment plan. This can lead to better health outcomes and fewer hospital readmissions. In fact, one study found that patients who were highly engaged in their care had a 30% lower risk of being readmitted to the hospital.

Patient engagement can also lead to better health outcomes by helping patients manage their chronic conditions and by providing them with the education and support they need to make healthy lifestyle choices. For example, patients who use patient portals to manage their chronic conditions have been shown to have better health outcomes than those who don’t use them. And patients who receive support and education about healthy lifestyle choices are more likely to make those changes.

Increased Revenue

In addition to improved patient outcomes, patient engagement can also lead to increased revenue for healthcare organizations. One way it does this is by reducing the need for unnecessary care. When patients are more engaged in their own care, they are less likely to use emergency services or to be admitted to the hospital for avoidable reasons. This can lead to significant savings for healthcare organizations. Hence, knowing why patient engagement is important in healthcare will not only help you understand the benefits for patients but also the monetary value it brings to your organization.

Patient engagement can also increase revenue by increasing patient satisfaction. Patients who are more satisfied with their care are more likely to recommend their providers to others and to continue using them as their primary source of care. Moreover, satisfied patients are also more likely to comply with their treatment plan and to follow up with their provider. This can lead to increased revenue for healthcare organizations through higher patient retention rates and increased referrals.

The Bottom Line

Patient engagement is a win-win for both patients and healthcare organizations. By increasing patient engagement, healthcare organizations can improve patient outcomes and increase revenue. And by doing so, they can improve the health of their communities and the bottom line.