How Inchcape Shipping Services Has Changed the Marine Surveyor World

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Inchcape is a shipping company that offers some of the best marine surveyor services globally. For the last 12 years, ISS CEO Frank Olsen has built up the shipping company’s foundation, setting up great strategies to reach its goals. Focusing on compatibility and port data, Inchcape has recently rolled out the first release of its Version 2.0 ship in the marine, which will offer transparency and market intelligence to its customers worldwide.

What Is Good about Inchcape’s New Release?

The recent release is significant, and given that it is covering up to 4,600 ports with 16,000 terminals globally, the new watercraft needed great features to enhance its performance. For instance, this significant investment has an advanced user interface with four split modules, ensuring that the charterers can perform automated due intelligence during operations and with a one-stop search function.

How Does Inchcape Monitor Shipment Operations From Far?

The Inchcape shipment services have made it easy for operations to go through without spending more time doing activities that would preferably be controlled online. The giant company has set great strategies to ensure that every precious time is utilized every best way by using online services. With this kind of service to look up to when shipments begin, the company can’t waste time at any stage unless it is a technical issue.

What else has Inchcape done to improve the shipment operations? The company has installed vessels with tracking devices to monitor arrivals and departures of the watercraft. Also, tracking devices will show the company the nature of ports, whether contested or not, and port calls. Additionally, every involved customer waiting for the ship will be able to follow up in every step of the journey by viewing the shipment’s location.

Responsibilities of Shipping Agents

With up to 240 offices in different countries worldwide, Inchcape comes with organized, focused, and highly skilled personnel that ensure that all its customers are well cared for by shipping agents who control activities on behalf of marine crafts owners. Additionally, the team comes with skilled marine surveyors who inspect the ships before departures.

The shipping

agents’ major responsibility is to ensure that documentation is done before the arrival of the vessels. All necessary customs and immigration are worked on to prevent any delays once the ship arrives at the port. The agents’ other activities are; to survey and inspect, dry-docking, full cargo agency, bunker calls, and finances management.

Furthermore, the data is usually confirmed by a professional from the data analysts team after it is collected from the Inchcape agency networks. Compared to other companies that offer marine surveyor shipping services, the data collected is customarily done directly from the online agency networks.

How Does Inchcape Respond During Delays?

Even big companies experience inconveniences during operations. What makes Inchcape unique, though, is that the company knows how to handle delays properly. The shipments’ clients are kept on the line while the agents find solutions to ensure that customers are not left in the dark. If the ship leaves before you get to collect your cargo, a statement of effects will be sent to you, showing you all the activities during shipping.

But if the ship could not release cargo because there was no space on the shore to put the oil, the record is made so that demurrage is sent to the shipowner. The demurrage is a payable charge given to the chartered shipowner if the goods are not loaded within the agreed time.


As time goes by, Inchcape will grow even more potent and more significant with a great team and a successful marine surveyor team.