How to Come up with a Brand Name?

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A brand is the foundation for identity of your business. More than a physical and conceptual identity. The idea of what a brand is has developed over many centuries. Starting with farmers that would brand their livestock to denote ownership, now branding is synonymous with identity. It is the perception of the company in the mind of each consumer. It’s easy to get lost and struggle with naming a brand, there is a lot of pressure behind it. Necessary to stay focus on the fundamentals of what you offer. What is the recipe to create a strong brand name?

For example, if you want to start a clothing business, you will need to come up with some ideas to find the best name. It should be meaningful, simple and memorable. You can find some simple boutique names in this article. 

Break It Down to the Basics.

Start with the basics. What are the necessities of your business? Take an inventory of all the strength and benefits your company offers, large and small. Prioritize them with focus on the raw essentials. Try to avoid using specific products and services, focus on the benefits of what you offer, what people get from working with you. A trucking doesn’t just transport goods, they protect them. Phil Davis, branding expert, “You are not the products and services you are the benefits behind them.”

What are the Key Ingredients?

Now that you have a list of words and terms that define your brand, break those down into a list of ingredients. What are the components that make up the formula for you company? Do you offer speed and dependability, or quality customer service and consistency? These are the ingredients that create the recipes for your defining characteristics. 

Now you have a strong identity to what your company is and how it works, now to get creative.

What are You Trying to Say?

Creating a name that evokes a response is paramount, but evoking the desired response is where the real difficulty lies. Take the perspective of your customers, what do they expect from you? There are a number of ways to create a brand name that describes exactly what you offer without confusion.

There are a few rules to keep in mind when designing a brand name.

  1. The name should match the size and scale of the company 
  2. Create authority, capture the customers trust
  3. Brevity – leave people wanting more but knowing enough
  4. Be Clear and creative
  5. Match substance with the style
  6. Double check the availability


When brainstorming for names it is good to have a large pool to choice from. Exhaust all options, you never know where genius lays. There are certain methods that work well when coming up with names.  

Names of the Creators – Dolce &Babbana, P&G

Manufactured Names – Colgate, LEGO, Google

Metaphorical Names – Nike, Hermès 


    • Evocative – Wonderlust, Explorer
    • Beneficial – Uber, Intel 
    • Mash-up- Durex (Durable, Reliable, and Excellence), Microsoft (Microcomputer and Software) 

Key Principles – Coca-cola (the two main ingredients are coca leaves and cola berries), Under Armor, Pampers

Acronyms – I.B.M. (International Business Machines), AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph)

Location Based – Cisco (San Francisco), Apple (from a commune on an apple orchard)

Finding genius and inspiration not a skill on for the super smart and well educated. It just takes time and thoughtful planning.