How To Keep Your Upholstery Clean Always ?

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The upholstery forms a major part of your home. Keeping the upholstery clean is one of the major challenges faced by any household with upholstered furniture. Is it possible to keep your upholstery clean always? 

Although it may seem impossible, this post covers a few simple but effective tips and hacks that can be used to keep your upholstery clean always. 

This post comprises two approaches that could be adopted when you want to clean your upholstery. The first approach is general while the second approach is specific to the type of stain to be cleaned.

General Approach

 You can adopt any of the following steps when you clean your upholstery with the general approach in mind. These steps include;

  • Vacuum Cleaning

To keep your upholstery clean always, you must clean it using a vacuum cleaner regularly. Ensure that every edge and corner of your upholstery is properly vacuumed. For upholstery with removable parts, remove the parts before cleaning. It helps you achieve a thorough cleaning.

  • Cleaning With Upholstery Cleaner or Shampoo

Use cleaners and shampoo specifically meant for the upholstery to clean your upholstered furniture. Follow the specifications of your upholstery manual when using shampoo. Also, ensure you follow the guidelines as specified in the shampoo used for the cleaning. Dampen the material or fabric with the cleaner or shampoo. Then clean with water.

  • Brushing and Dusting 

Removing solid stains like dust particles and hair/fur from pets involves dusting and brushing. Gently brush the surface of your upholstery to remove solid particles like sand and dry mud. For dust particles, a duster will do. Dust the surface meticulously to remove dust particles.

Stain Type Approach

Some stains need specific approaches when cleaning your upholstery. Coffee stains, grease stains, blood stains, red wine stains are some forms of stains that need a directed approach. To clean such stains the procedures outlined below should be followed.

  • Red Wine Stains

Red wine stains are cleaned by sprinkling the fabric surface with salt. It is followed by using a soft absorbing material soaked in lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide to remove the red wine stains. Next, rinse the surface using a clean material dampened with clean water.

  • Blood Stains

Removing blood stains from your upholstery fabric is simple. Apply a solution of hydrogen peroxide on the stained spot. Follow this step by cleaning with water-dampened cleaning material.

  • Greasy Stains

Sprinkle table salt on the grease stains. Add soap or detergent plus water to the grease-table salt mixture. Clean the stain-cleaner mixture with a clean towel or cleaning material. Lastly, wipe the surface with clean water.

  • Coffee Stains

Cleaning coffee stains from upholstery clothing material follow these steps.  Apply an equal mixture of water and vinegar plus washing detergent to the stained surface. Blot the stain from the surface using a clean towel.


Clean upholstery is indeed the desire of every household. Keeping your upholstery clean may appear daunting. However, from the above tips, keeping your upholstery clean is possible. Finally, you can engage a company specialized in Upholstery Cleaning Services to help out.