Implement The Attract Elements In The First Stage Of Inbound Marketing

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Inbound marketing is a marketing concept in which you should draw the users to your website, but you should not go to your potential customers. Another way of saying it is that inbound marketing focuses on attracting customers through relevant and helpful content. It would add value at all stages in your customer buying journey. With the inbound marketing concept, your potential customers would find you through multiple channels including blogs, search engines, social media, and more. Refer to this list to get the best free website traffic when implementing the inbound concept.  Check There is this outbound marketing concept which is the complete opposite to inbound marketing. A cold call to a potential customer is regarded as outbound marketing. Check how they are getting fanpage likes.

We all know that there is this first stage i.e. the attract stage in inbound marketing. For example, when you own a cafe in your local community, you will need to attract new customers (or at least the local residents) to your cafe. You would communicate about the products (i.e. the favorite drinks and food) which you can offer. Check more details on these sites. You would talk about the health food concept, how people should eat healthy food, and where they can get the healthy food they desire (i.e. Maybe from your cafe). But what are the channels that you can place your communication messages? You may think of blogging, ebooks, education videos, podcasts, whitepaper, or more.

Blogging – You can set up your blog, whether it is your personal blog or a company blog. Overall, a blog is a platform that allows you the freedom to attract relevant prospects to your business website. On your blog, you would provide information on health food, health drink, and where people get can access to the items. When you keep up with posting on your blog regular (with a pre-planned schedule), in about the first one to two years, you would end up with a massive empire of useful content that is all highly related to your niche. It would be a place to help those people who are beginners or unfamiliar with the topics.

Content Strategy – As mentioned before that you will need to regular publish blog articles. You will need to have a pre-planned schedule to follow through. This schedule will state when exactly you will need to deliver the new content, and what content you will need to create. In your content strategy, there is also a step for you to do some keyword research and/or topic research for each of your new blog article. The research should be performed before you actually start writing your new blog articles. This is to ensure the topic you are planning to write is going to have enough audience who are interested in it.

Social Media – It is a whole channel where you can share your content (i.e. new blog posts). The social media channels may include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or more.