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Importance of having your electrics inspected at Christmas

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Christmas is a magical time of the year and, with so much going on, it’s easy to get swept up in the festivities. But with Christmas lights, heated styling appliances in overdrive, and endless Christmas feasts to cook, it can also be one of the most dangerous!

One in twelve people confess to leaving their Christmas lights on overnight, causing them to overheat and increasing the fire risk. Switching them off when you’re not there to enjoy them can save your home and family from devastation.

All electrics deteriorate with age and use, and therefore need to be tested and inspected at regular intervals to ensure they’re in full working order and to prevent hazards. These safety checks are known as ‘periodic inspections’.

Top 3 reasons why you should have your electrics inspected this Christmas:

  1. Identify overloaded electrical circuits

Extension leads have a current rating for how much power can run through them which is why it’s advised you check before you plug your electricals in.

It’s easy to overload electrical circuits, especially over the festive season. So why not let experienced electricians in Manchester inspect all the sockets in your home? They can give everything a thorough check – not just the sockets used to power extension leads for outdoor lights and Christmas tree lights.

A periodic inspection will provide you with the peace of mind that all plug sockets are protected by a suitable residual current device (RCD).

  1. Identify potential fire hazards

Most house fires are a result of faulty electrics and overloaded sockets, but with the addition of flammable items like tinsel and pine tree branches, the risk of fires is far greater at Christmas.

Domestic electricians have the knowledge and expertise to conduct a basic inspection of the wiring. Professional Manchester electricians will be able to identify potential fire hazards before it’s too late – ensuring safety for you and your home.

  1. Identify defective electrical work

As you take down your Christmas decorations, it’s worth testing them before you put them away. The last thing you want to do is store faulty equipment for another year.

Extension leads are used a lot more than usual over the holiday season – be it for fairy lights or electricals like hairdryers and heated styling appliances. So it’s also worth checking these over too.

The best solution would be to hire a Manchester electrician to install more wall sockets around your home – preventing you from overloading circuits. Why not give yourself the gift of safe electrics in 2020 and hire an electrical inspection now?

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