Importance of Motorhome Security

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Motorhomes are a desirable target for thieves and vandals. In fact, they are considered more desirable than other vehicles because they are often parked in secluded locations and the owners are not around to protect them.

Theft of motorhomes is a common problem, especially during the summer months when many people take their motorhomes out on the road. Motorhomes are often parked at campgrounds or RV parks while their owners are away on vacation. Thieves may break into these vehicles and steal items of value such as televisions, stereos and computers.

In addition to theft, vandalism also occurs frequently. Vandals like to scratch or pry off stickers on the exterior of motorhomes because it gives them an outlet for their anger and frustration. They may also break windows or other parts of the vehicle in order to cause damage or get access to valuables inside the vehicle such as stereo equipment or other electronics that can easily be sold for cash at pawn shops or used goods stores.

Motorhome security tips

Make sure that you lock your motorhome whenever it’s unattended, even for just a few minutes. This will prevent opportunistic thieves from stealing anything from your vehicle while you’re away from it.

Always park in well-lit areas where there are other people around. If possible, park in an open parking lot with CCTV cameras or in a car park with security guards who keep an eye on things.

If you can’t park in these areas, try to park near another vehicle with an occupant inside so that it looks like someone is still occupying the space even if they’re not actually there. This can deter thieves from targeting your vehicle because it looks like someone might come back at any moment.

Use a lockable cable around the wheel or hitch; this will make it harder for thieves to tow your vehicle away.

Use security chains or cables through your hitch and around the tow hook on your truck so that even if someone were able to remove the hitch pin, it would still be difficult for them to drive away with your motorhome attached.

When parking overnight, don’t leave valuables lying around on view such as tools or luggage – instead keep everything locked away out of sight from prying eyes until you head off again tomorrow morning.

There are several different types of motorhome security systems available today, including:

Alarm systems – These devices are designed to detect movement and sound within certain parameters so as to activate an alarm if someone tries to break into your vehicle;

Automatic door locks – These feature sensors that automatically lock when there is an impact or crash;

Motion detectors – These devices use infrared technology to detect movement inside or outside your RV;

GPS tracking – Some systems come with GPS tracking capabilities.