Labour immigration to Singapore

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Immigration to Singapore is attractive for specialists from different countries due to the country’s growing economy and high standard of living, a stable political system. Today, a third of the population of the jurisdiction are foreigners working in various spheres of the state’s economy. Recently, the trend towards an increase in wages and the persistence of a low unemployment rate, a high level of productivity and social guarantees are attracting more and more foreign specialists to the territory of Singapore.

Labour immigration to Singapore. What areas of the economy need foreign workers?

Foreign workers work in all sectors of the country, especially in the construction and maritime services sector. In addition, foreigners can work in such areas as:

  • wholesale,
  • professional services,
  • information Technology,
  • electronics,
  • transportation and storage,
  • food and drinks,
  • tourism,
  • administrative and support services,
  • production of equipment,
  • processing of minerals,
  • the science,
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical products.

Singapore work visas

There are four types of work visas in Singapore that a foreign worker can obtain.

  1. The first type is a work pass. It is the most common type of work visa in Singapore. It can be used by individual entrepreneurs or foreign workers planning to work in the jurisdiction. Among the main requirements are higher education and wages, the amount of which is not lower than the minimum amount established by the Ministry of Labour. The term of the visa is from 1 to 2 years, after which, if the place of work remains the same, you need to extend the EP or, if you have found a new place of work, get a new visa. Work pass holders can subsequently apply for permanent residence (PR) visa.
  2. The second type is an Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass for short). If you are the owner of a new company or are planning to transfer your company to Singapore, then you need to obtain this type of visa. The minimum validity period is 1-2 years, and the maximum period depends directly on the success of the applicant’s company. 
  3. The third type is S pass. This type of visa can be obtained by foreign workers with an average level of skills, that is, they can be persons without higher education, but with a technical diploma. The main condition for obtaining a work permit is that wages must not be lower than the threshold established by the Singapore Ministry of Labor. The validity period is from 1 to 2 years with the right of extension, subject to the continuation of work at the same place of work. 
  4. The fourth type is a personal work pass. This type of visa has a number of advantages, but it can only be obtained by those who meet the most severe conditions, namely highly qualified highly paid specialists. Validity up to 5 years without the right to renew.

To obtain a permanent residence (PR) visa or any other pass, you need to prepare a number of documents, including a passport, fresh passport-sized photographs, a visa application form, a document confirming the payment of fees, a diploma of graduation from higher and / or secondary vocational education, documents on advanced training (if any), an employment contract.

Living and working conditions in Singapore with a work permit

The Singapore work permit holder must comply with conditions that include:

  • Work for the specified company and for the specified employer in the work permit;
  • Banning from participating in another business or starting your own business;
  • Accommodation at the address indicated by the employer when hiring;
  • Undergoing a medical examination in Singapore by a local doctor;
  • Carrying with you the original work permit and presenting it for verification at the first request of a civil servant.