List of Benefits Offered By Direct Cremation Services

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For several reasons, a direct cremation is a common form of burial, and if you and your family want to be spared the cost of a conventional funeral service, it is a good option. In addition to being generally cheaper than conventional funeral service options, direct cremation is also easier as it strips items such as a service, embalming, and a casket out.

But there are also other advantages that you might not have thought about. So what follows is a look at direct cremation advantages that you should consider before you decide.

It is Easy

A direct cremation is simple and easier than a typical funeral service. Since the extras are usually taken away, the whole process can be wrapped up within 2 or 3 days. This is therefore perfect if you have family and friends from various parts of the country or world who come for the occasion.

Family obligations, job commitments, and other responsibilities could make it difficult to travel to a funeral for certain family members and friends, if not impossible. With its short time frame, a direct cremationwould suit those with busy schedules who cannot hang around for too long.

Cremated Remains Are Portable

You will take the ashes with you after the body has been cremated. Let us assume that in your family there are many individuals who want some of the cremated ashes to honour the deceased. Everything you would need to do is purchase 1 or more urns or containers to break up the cremated remains so that a part can be collected for those who want ashes. You will be able to take the cremains with you after the direct cremation, whether you and your family live elsewhere. And yes, if you need to, you will get through security at the airport.

Different Disposition Possibilities

 If you do not want to take the ashes back home you can scatter them on rivers, on land, and, if you can get airborne in a plane, in the atmosphere. Before they die, some individuals make it clear that they want to spread their cremated remains on their favourite property, such as a cottage site, or on their favourite body of water.

Leave More Money for Loved Ones

If you choose direct cremation over traditional burial, you will be able to save money that can be left to your family or to help you with special causes. There is nothing wrong with spending money on a funeral service, but to do something meaningful, you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money. You can choose to have a direct cremation and hold a memorial service later in a different location.

You can be sure that your deceased relative will get an honourable final send-off if you are planning a direct cremation. Therefore, cremation is a common final services option when planning final services for loved ones who have passed away.