Lovin’ The Oven: All You Need To Know About Your Combi Oven In Singapore

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The Unox oven in Singapore is one of the most significant pieces of kitchen equipment we have at home. We bake bread and pastries in it. We roast chicken or turkey using your oven during the holidays. We reheat leftover food in the oven when we are too lazy to cook a new meal.

But how do ovens work? If grills use direct fire contact in cooking food and stove heats pans, the oven uses warm air to cook your meal. We all know that hot air arises; hence, hot air balloons float in the air.

The reason for the enclosed structure of the oven is to trap the hot air and let it cook into food. It is also the reason why chefs and bakers transfer their trays from the bottom of the oven to the top because the top part has hotter air.

A Quick Walk Down To The Memory Lane Of Oven

Before you had your combi oven in Singapore, the ancient civilisations used clay ovens to bake bread. It is believed that Egyptians developed the first oven in the form of cylindrical vessels made of the baked clay from the Nile. They used it to bake various pieces of bread, which were a staple of their diet. Meanwhile, other European countries used bricks, stones, and tiles to build the first versions of ovens. 

The first German-designed cast-iron ovens began circulating in the market in 1728. In 1735, Bavarian architect François de Cuvilliés invented the Castrol stove or the first enclosed oven that trapped the smoke inside it.

In the 1890s, Canadian electric company owner Thomas Ahearn made the first electric version of ovens at Windsor Hotel in Ottawa.

Ovens have branched out to different types we know today, such as the combi oven in Singapore. The following section will discuss the different types of ovens.


5 Different Types Of Ovens In Singapore

Like chillers available in Singapore, ovens have different types with unique purposes.

Here are the different types of ovens:

1. Conventional oven

Conventional ovens have a bottom-up heating system, meaning the heat starts underneath. There are two types of conventional ovens: electric and gas.

Most conventional ovens are large and have one door. It allows people to cook small to medium food, such as a tray of cupcakes, a whole chicken, or a casserole of lasagna. On the top exterior part of the oven are stoves where you can cook food. You can operate the oven and stove using the dials between the compartments.

Most households use conventional ovens because of their 2-in-1 functions. You can easily find an Unox conventional oven in Singapore.

2. Convection oven

Also known as conduction or thermal oven, a convection oven is a smaller oven with an exhaust system that circulates hot air inside. The uniform hot air distribution ensures evenly cooked food; no hot and cold spots.

Although most convection ovens use electricity, some also run on gas. Convection ovens are known for their versatility. They can function as conventional, microwave, and toaster ovens.

You may find an Unox convection oven in Singapore.

3. Microwave oven

A microwave oven is a tiny oven, smaller than convection, that uses high-frequency microwave radiation to heat food. A microwave is only for reheating and is not suitable for baking, browning, or caramelising food.

4. Steam oven

If conventional and convection ovens use warm air and microwave ovens use radiation for cooking or warming up the food, steam ovens use steam.

Its heating system uses separate canisters connected to the water line. It injects water into the boiler to produce hot steam, cooking or warming up the food.

Steam ovens retain the nutrition of the food more than an ordinary Unox oven in Singapore.

5. Pizza oven

Unlike the first four ovens mentioned, the pizza oven is the closest one in terms of appearance to the older version of ovens.

A pizza oven is dome-shaped and made of bricks. Instead of electricity or gas, most pizza ovens are wood-fired. The flaming coals are placed on the sides inside the oven, while the middle remains empty.

But did you know that there is another type of oven with the ability of convection and steam ovens? The following section will discuss the combi oven in Singapore.


All You Need To Know About The Combi Oven In Singapore

Besides the commercial freezer in Singapore, the combi oven is one of the most useful kitchen devices restaurants; and bakeries have.

A combi oven in Singapore is a three-in-one oven. It can use hot air, steam, and a combination of hot air and steam for baking, roasting and warming food.

The Three Modes Of A Combi Oven

●    Steam cooking

Like steam ovens, combi ovens use a water-based heating system. It injects water into the boilers and cooks food using the hot steam.

Chefs typically use the steam mode of the combi oven in Singapore when cooking fish and vegetables. It does not dry and shrink delicate fish meat and retains the vibrant colours of vegetables.

Moreover, it keeps the nutritional value of the food.

●    Convection cooking

Similar to a convection oven, combi ovens have a heating system that uses hot and dry air for cooking. The exhaust fan circulates the hot air, removing the moisture from the food.

Chefs typically use the convection mode of the combi oven in Singapore when baking bread, roasting, searing, and open frying.

●    Combination cooking

The combination mode uses steam and hot air for cooking. The hot air gives crispy hard brown crusts while the steam keeps the inside of the food moist and juicy.

Chefs typically use the combination mode of the combi oven in Singapore for stewing, braising, and baking.

The Benefits Of Combi Oven In Singapore

●    Versatility

You can steam, bake, roast, braise, stew, and oven fry food using only one piece of equipment.

●    Cost-effective

Buying one combi oven is cheaper than purchasing a steamer and a convection oven.

●    Controls

You can accurately control the temperature and humidity of your combi oven in Singapore.

●    Cook more recipes!

Because combi ovens are versatile, you can execute more recipes.


If you are impressed by your oven, you will surely fall in love with a combi oven in Singapore! It is the sous chef you are looking for.

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