Meet The 8 Types Of Pests That Reside In Your Household

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No one wants pests inside their houses. As much as possible and as people can, they try to keep their houses pest-free. They use sorts of chemical sprays, home remedies, or different mixtures. While there are heaps of pest-killing products up for grabs in the market, some people still prefer professional companies to control the amount and volume of pests within their homes. Professionals from pest killer companies utilise non-toxic fumigation and disinfection sprays to ensure that your home is safe from pests and, at the same time, has safe air for breathing. Like them, you can also do the same and take advantage of pest control services in Singapore. These services are the most effective and safest way to eliminate any types of pests.

The most common types people only know when it comes to pests are cockroaches, spiders, termites, and mice. However, there are more unwelcome guests that you should be aware of and get rid of. Here are some of them:

Meet The Different Variety Of Pests In Your Household

If left alive and growing for a long time, these house pests can be a huge nuisance to your wallet, property, and health. Be wise and get rid of these pests before more challenges and damages escalate into a severe and hazardous problem. Let pest control services in Singapore help you fight and combat the following pests:


Termites are the leading cause of destruction to most properties. It damages and costs homeowners across the globe nearly five billion dollars every year. The best and most effective way to deal with termites is through termite control services in Singapore.These house pests are not visible to the naked eye, and only professionals can get them killed and eliminated.

Woods are the habitats of termites. If these house pests remain alive, they may damage half of your property. Save yourself from headaches and repair costs by calling a termite control company in Singapore to get rid of the termites in your abode.



Cockroaches are everywhere, day or night. Roaches do not bite or destroy your property, but they can harm your health. They are the top carriers of diseases and bacteria to households. They are typically within the kitchen, dining area, bathroom, bedroom, or basements. To exterminate the roaches in your home, get cockroach pest control services in Singapore.


Another type of species you must be concerned about is ants. Like cockroaches, ants are not house destroyers, but they are also dangerous to your health. In some places of the world, ants are poisonous and can jeopardise your respiratory system. One safe way to combat these house pests is through pest control services in Singapore.


Pest control services in Singaporecan also help with an individual’s mental health. Spiders are known to arouse, affect, and damage psychological health more than physical health, especially for people with arachnophobia or fear of spiders.


Mosquitoes are the most threatening blood-sucking insect. Although they cannot ruin your property, they can cause severe or grave health hazards, such as Zika, dengue, West Nile, malaria, yellow fever, and the long list goes on. With just one bite, you can contain and develop an infection that may lead to serious health problems. If you do not want to risk your health, call for pest control services in Singapore.



Carpet beetles are like cockroaches, but they have an orange or red stripe down the middle of their backs. Some carpet beetles also have orange, red, or a pattern of white scales on their back. These house pests can eat wool, hair, bristles, feathers, leather, silks, furs, dried plants, wheat, clothing, and fabrics. These are typically beneath your carpets, in your car or home, or sometimes, behind your car seats. Carpet beetles may be small, but they cause terrible damage, such as pulmonary irritation, rash, and swelling. To eliminate the carpet beetles in your household, you may either hire a cockroach pest control company in Singaporeor get residential or commercial pest control services.


Bed bugs, without a doubt, are the most horrifying nightmares for every homeowner and business owner for hotels, hospitals, and apartment rentals. Did you know that female bed bugs can produce 540 eggs in their lifetime? That is how fast their variant grows. These house pests are commonly under your pillows, between the sheets and mattress, or beneath the bed. Human blood is their favourite meal, so if you feel like something is biting you during your sleep, it may indicate that there are bed bugs inside your home. You may kill these house pests through pest control services in Singapore.


Wasps are another stinging type of insect, like mosquitoes. As soon as a wasp infestation develops on your property, it can cause health hazards. These house pests will aggressively defend and do anything to attack the person trying to ruin their nest. Wasp stings are uncomfortable, itchy, and may tend to swell. As soon as you see a wasp flying in your backyard, it is a sign to acquire pest control services in Singapore.


Final Thoughts

Aside from you and your family, these house pests can also make a nest in your home. Without pest control services in Singapore, these house pests like those mentioned above can generate more of their variant until it gets out of hand.It only takes one or two of their kind to start a colony. Before you know it, they are already causing destruction to your home, gradually ruining your property one by one until your entire home is in need of repair.

Residential or commercial pest control services are a necessary safety measure for your household. The intent of getting these services is not just to control and eliminate the pests around your home but also to ensure that the household members stay safe from the health hazards these pests bring. For instance, if a cockroach sets foot and faeces on a kitchen tool or cutleries, there are high chances of contamination and developing bacteria.

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