Online Career Accelerator Review: Good Quality Career Training or Scam?

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Nowadays, there are various areas where you can learn and develop innovative skills online – often for free, with very little or high money. The Online Career Accelerator scam review looks at a site that offers digital marketing and career training with some options to continue with the course or not. You can receive official certificates and even credit towards degrees and other qualifications.

Online Career Accelerator is one of a handful of organizations that delivers all the techniques required without higher education to begin a digital marketing career, regardless of with or zero experience.

Let’s kick off the discussion with some basics:

Online Career Accelerator is an online course that encourages people to learn digital marketing and get a remote job. It’s aimed at beginners and walks you through the basic to advanced tactics used by industry leaders. 

How Does Online Career Accelerator Works?

Online Career Accelerator is a 10-weeks digital marketing and career training that offers in-depth digital marketing strategies. 

They advise down-to-earth digital marketing abilities for beginners or with no experience who wish to have a full digital marketing experience. In this course, Online Career Accelerator goes more than a few unique paths of marketing include:

· Rudiments of Digital promoting

· Instructions to get paid $10,000+ each month

· Instructions to haggle for a 6-figure advanced promoting compensation

· Progressed Facebook Ads

· Progressed SEO

· Progressed Email Marketing

· WordPress

· Email showcasing

· Website improvement

Inside Online Career Accelerator 10 Weeks Program

Online Career Accelerator provides students with access to a comprehensive, in-depth, full-length course on distinct and relevant digital marketing topics. They not only provide mentorship to students. But they also present post-training resources assisting students with work applications, interview preparation, and writing a high-end resume and cover letter.

Check the list of what you will find inside:

Week 1 – Introduction And Mindset

Topics Included:

  • Time management to work done efficiently
  • How to avoid failure
  • How to get guidance
  • How to have the right mindset to succeed
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Basics of Marketing and Concepts
  • Basics of Google Ads
  • Basics of Facebook Ads
  • Basics of Email Marketing
  • Basics of SEO
  • Career Opportunities

Week 2 – High-Income Skills

Topics Included:

  • How to make six figures with Facebook Ads
  • How to quickly learn Facebook Ads within Weeks
  • How to learn Digital Marketing within Weeks
  • How to expand the ability to produce thousands of dollars every month

Week 3 – Career Accelerator

Topics Included:

  • How to job hunt and find 1,000+ businesses hiring for marketing
  • How to find urgent companies looking to hire
  • How to effectively job search instantly
  • Proven resume template to getting job offers
  • Beginner-friendly resume for Digital Marketing jobs
  • Step by Step Cover Letter Template and Checklist
  •  Digital Marketing Interview Scripts
  • 6 Figure Digital Marketing Interview Recordings
  • Cover Letter & Resume Reviews to secure you perform it right
  • +A copy of Cover Letter and Resume

Week 4 – Marketing Ads

Topics Included:

  • How to make highly profitable Facebook Ads
  • How to run Facebook campaigns
  • How to create effective Google Ads
  • Proven ads that work and why they work
  • Scaling campaigns from $1k to $100k per year

Week 5 – Network Mastery

Topics Included:

  • How to get multiple side jobs
  • LinkedIn Decoded (private mastermind course)

Week 6 – Career Acceleration

Topics Included:

  • How to get a raise easily
  • How to negotiate for a salary
  • Hidden strategies to make more money in less time

Week 7 to 10 – Elite Series

Topics Included:

  • How to earn a ridiculous amount of money with Digital Marketing
  • How to take other people to do the task for you and get multiple clients
  • How to acquire a job, and not even have to perform the marketing anymore

Online Career Accelerator Review: The Learning Experience

The fundamental components are all present and correct. There’s room for text-based materials and graphics, a player for videos, and a private group community. 

The layout is straightforward but effective. Online Career Accelerator has been in the distance learning game for a long time, they know what works. 

The interface is very organized. The environment is about learning, not trying to choose between a dozen different things to click on. The platform is properly mobile-friendly, so there’s always an opportunity of logging on from a mobile browser.

When it comes to course content, this depends on the course itself. From what I saw in Online Career Accelerator, the production values are strong throughout. This is an advantage of choosing properly created, funded, and certified courses.

Online Career Accelerator vs. other online courses

The Online Career Accelerator is entirely different from other courses and training programs because of these three factors.

1.They have personal coaches who are real experts in the field who will train you in Digital Marketing.

Why do people get lost? They purchase a course and never learn anything. They get stuck and finally give up. The reason why they charge $5,000 or less when you take the program. Online Career Accelerator has the best mentors to guide students and ensure that they land a high-paying career.

It is also why the course has a high student progress rate. They have mentors in the area of digital marketing who work and teach people how to succeed.

2.Trainers have weekly calls with students to answer their queries or questions.

These trainers are not just college teachers, not educators with zero experts in communications, but real experts who currently work in the field. It is for the individuals because you will learn from someone who knows what they are doing. Coaching and feedback is the #1 deciding factor for progress. Without coaches, you will end up getting stuck in the things that get no results.

3.They have one of the BEST private communities

Many individuals decide to give up when they start something. One reason is that they are not part of a community and end up feeling alone with no one pushing them. Online Career Accelerator is full of professionals discussing new concepts and techniques in the industry. It will be impossible not to excel in the course with a group full of experts answering your questions every day. 

Everything you learn in this course will prepare you for the real-world setting and show you the hands-on knowledge and not just academic nonsense. Determine how to run profitable PPC ads once you are finished with this course, build profitable SEO campaigns, use Google analytics, and so many more things that will benefit you when working in the market. 


Online Career Accelerator is unique and a well-put-together training platform. It’s possible to take the course for free or a sign-up that involves credit card details, don’t worry it is reassuringly risk-free. When I take these courses personally, I always pay for the official certificate, but there’s nothing to say you have to. A digital marketing course is better explained here than on Coursera.

 Should you join the program? 

I shall conclude this Online Career Accelerator review by saying that if there’s a course here that grabs your eye, unquestionably no reason not for you to sign up and get started. Well, the decision is yours, but why not take the risk. Go outside of your comfort zone, support your decision to take a step further in your career, and be the best that you can be to be a successful digital marketer.

You can enroll here and get an 80% OFF Deal today. Follow Online Career Accelerator on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter for more updates!

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