Perfect Tricycle Options You Can Go For Now

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Faced with multiple choices of tricycle, how to find your way around? Difference in size, equipment, provenance, price, here are the main tips we give you as a tricycle specialist so that you find the tricycle that suits you.

A tricycle adapted to its size and weight is essential

The first thing to know is that a tricycle is chosen according to its size and weight. It’s like finding a pair of shoes for your size. This will make all the difference during use in order to feel comfortable and avoid the pain due to a bad position.

If you are over 165cm, you should opt for a tricycle with 24 inch wheels which will be more suitable for your size. You will be more comfortable doing maneuvers, pedaling will be more fluid and the large wheels will bring you comfort and efficiency especially if you are making long trips.

A tricycle electric that is too small will not be suitable. Even if you find it more compact or cute, it would be like wanting to ride a child’s bike. When you turn, your knees will touch the handlebars. Even with a saddle mounted to the maximum, when pedaling, your legs will be too bent. This will create discomfort when driving, it may cause joint pain and force, injury. In the end, you will tend to use your tricycle less and that would be a shame.

  • For people between 130cm and 165cm a tricycle with 20 inch wheels will be perfect. It will be adapted to your size and more manageable, it will also be a little lighter and more compact.
  • Regarding the weight of the user, most tricycles are limited to 90 kilos. There is a weight limit because the frame could be weakened. There is an exception with the French Evasion electric tricycle which is adapted to support up to 150 kilos, with a robust frame guaranteed for life.

Make sure it comes from

  • Where is the tricycle you want to buy made? 
  • Is the brand really the manufacturer or an importer?

Imported tricycles have the advantage of not being expensive at the time of purchase, their quality is variable and their equipment is often very basic. They are studied with a view to mass production at low cost and in fact do not meet 100% of the needs of the users to whom they are addressed. Their maintenance is made complicated because it is difficult to obtain spare parts and very often the repairs are very complex because the mechanics were not studied to be easily repaired or maintained.

Tricycles which are actually produced by the brand have many advantages as opposed to imported tricycles. Generally, they are made in a more traditional way, they have been studied to perfectly meet the needs of their users and they are of unequaled quality. In addition, their warranty conditions are much more advantageous and the manufacturer is able to supply you with all of the spare parts. He knows his tricycles perfectly and can therefore quickly and easily diagnose the problem encountered.