Reasons Why People Prefer to Relocate from NYC to Texas

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A lot of NYC residents are relocating to Texas. Some of the reasons could be lower price, family-friendly amenities, low unemployment rate, mild weather, popular southern hospitality, etc. All these benefits are making Texas more appealing than NY.

In this article, we share a few more convincing reasons that make it a good move to relocate from NYC to Texas.

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No personal income Tax

Texas is one of the states in the US where residents need not pay any personal income tax. Also, local tax burdens are seen to be one of the lowest throughout the nation.

Lower prices

The second important benefit of relocating from NYC to Texas is “Low Prices”. This makes Texas a comparatively affordable place to live. The price of the property is very less, you can afford a 3-bedroom home for the same amount for which you get a small apartment in NYC. Besides rent, the overall cost of living is significantly lower in Texas.

Pleasant weather

The next big factor that makes Texas appealing to NYC residents is its pleasant weather. Opposed to the warm wear and cold winter days, you would enjoy offer mild winters and sunny days in Texas.

Better lifestyle

Finding a school is a big challenge in NY. Family-friendly amenities, outdoor spaces, ample greenery, good schools, top universities, low unemployment rates, a sense of community are some of the reasons that make it comparatively easier to raise a family in Texas than in NYC. 


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The economy of Texas is considered to be the second-largest throughout the US. You will find a large number of employment opportunities in Texas that can ensure you a secure future. You can also find the headquarters of several large firms in Texas. This city is ranked as one of the best places for job growth.

Why Hire a Specialized Transport Broker?

If you are planning to long-distance relocation from NYC to Texas, then you should take the assistance of an experienced auto transport company. This company provides a team of experienced logistics agents that will ensure the safe and smooth execution of the shipping process. Considering the expenses incurred on a long road trip, shipping proves to be an affordable option than long-distance driving.

Tips to Find a Trusted Auto Transport Firm

Here are some of the important things that you should consider when hiring an auto shipping firm. 


With all these benefits, there is no doubt in saying that living in Texas is more peaceful, affordable, and financially secure than in NY. Hiring a reliable, affordable, and experienced long-distance relocation service will make your relocation from NY to Texas a breeze.