Super Fun Team Building Activities to Try

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Imagine a world where you have an amazing team of people who are all working together towards one goal — to make your company successful. That’s the type of situation we’re talking about here.

A business with cohesive units will always be able to stand out from others because they can mutually support each other through any rough patches or challenges that may come up along their journey in the competitive marketplace.

Many team building companies believe that engaging in fun activities encourages bonding among employees and can actually increase productivity levels. It also gives employees more energy to do great every day at work.

A team building company also knows that engagement is key to a happy and successful team. A recent study by Gallup found that close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by as much as 50 percent!

Team Building Activities to Try: Extra Fun Ideas!

Virtual Murder Mystery

If you’re looking for a way to break the ice and get your team working together in new ways, look no further than Virtual Murder Mystery. This interactive game will help build culture while also testing the problem-solving abilities of team members.

Create the ultimate team building experience, where participants can let their hair down and enjoy themselves with no worries. The whole thing has been planned by experts who know what they are doing — so there won’t be any stress or hassle!

Shark Tank

The pitch session is all about getting everyone else excited for your brilliant idea. You can use presentations, models or diagrams to illustrate how great it would be if members of a certain team back a specific idea up.

All ideas are not created equal. Some might be brilliant, while others may seem totally off-the wall and still manage to accomplish something positive for you or your company. The key is in knowing which idea will work best.

Build Something for a Cause

Team members need to come together and build something new whether it’s raising money through donations/donations basket sales at your business location during lunchtime hours every Friday afternoon or other creative ideas.

The feeling of accomplishment when you know your team has done well and worked together as one is incredible. You don’t have to wonder if they contributed enough or did a good job because the end result tells all.

Weekly Team Trivia

Mix up your Monday with some trivia sent right to the team’s inboxes so they can answer whenever they have a few minutes to spare. And see who takes home the big win of the week. Everything is automatically collected and scored once submitted.

Trivia is a great way to break the ice in any work environment and it can be done at your own pace. Plus, you don’t have to worry about coming up with new questions because there are plenty available online or on mobile apps.

Dog Park Showdown

The best way to have fun with your pet is by heading out on an adventure at the local dog park. You can even create a hashtag for all of those amazing moments, so that you’ll never forget what happened during one special trip.

This activity maximizes fun by redirecting attention from participants and their pets, giving people an opportunity for laughter as well as conversation with others who may never have been noticed before.

The Art Thief

What’s better than one team? Two teams for a bigger challenge! Your colleagues will not soon forget the puzzles and clues that they race through to find. With coworkers split into two separate groups, each group will each have their own missions.

There’s something about a team event that brings people together. Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to meet new hires in person or just want some time away from Zoom calls and Slack messages, having fun team building activities is the best way to go.