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Do you want to create an online store to sell dematerialized products (photos, documents, digital books, music, etc.)? The company helps you create an ecommerce site easily, quickly and inexpensively. You do not need any special computer skills and will be able to manage your online digital product sales site on your own.

Create a website for the sale of dematerialized products on the internet

Create a merchant site to sell your computer documents, sell your music online, or even sell your photos on the internet, all this is easy with The company’s specific tools for selling digital products online. Create, in just a few clicks, the best online sales site for virtual products. You can go through the BTW Consulting options and find the right solutions.

Why is The company the best choice for your website?

Make a site easily. With The company you can easily create a professional looking website yourself without any technical knowledge.

Unleash your creativity to bring your projects to life and develop your online presence. We take care of the rest.

  • Create a sales site.
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  • In a few clicks your site is online, insert all our features to make the site of your dreams.
  • Over a million people around the world use The company, so give it a try.
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  • Sale of digital products by internet.

Online website creation 

The company has developed tools that allow you to sell all types of digital products online : you can manage the number of times your files are used, and protect access very easily. You can also create emailing campaigns to increase your online sales.

Sell ​​your photos or music online

By creating your digital product sales platform on the internet on The company, you will have access to all the marketing tools to boost your sales of virtual products. Whether it is to share your photos, your music or your various documents, you can easily create an e-shop.

Create a dematerialized sales site on the internet

The company guarantees for the online sale of digital products:

Your project deserves the excellence of our website creation software. Take advantage of all our features to start creating your website, take charge of your online presence. Faced with confinement, small traders will have to increase their online presence. Several very simple solutions allow you to generate revenue on the Web.


A hard blow for all so-called “non-essential” businesses , which had to close their doors on the evening, with the entry into force of the second confine mentor rather, no longer let customers pass through this door. Because unlike the first confinement, this time they will be able to set up the “click & collect”, namely an online sale without delivery, which offers the customer to come and pick up his product directly in front of the store. Several options which can be combined exist so that merchants can digitize their activities very simply, whether it is take-out or delivery.