The Challenges You Would Encounter When Applying for PR in Singapore

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Out of all countries in Asia, Singapore has more immigrants each year. Many people from all over the world want to stay and live here for good. Well, there is no reason not to. Not only does it have the lowest crime rate, but its traffic congestion is also one of the lowest. Because of those, would you still be hesitant to immigrate here? Of course not.

Despite the high risk of getting rejected, there are so many benefits when you become a permanent resident in Singapore. However, before you could get this social status, you have to face a lot of challenges. Fret not since this article will discuss everything that you must overcome.

What Challenges Would You Face When You Apply for a Permanent Resident in Singapore?

Low Approval Rate

If you read the news, you probably know how many people receive this status each year for the past five years. Well, if you have not, there are only 31,700, and that is only a quarter of applicants. So, imagine, how many people got theirpermanent resident application rejected? Quite a lot, right? Despite getting a rejection, most of them do not give up their right since they still have a chance. All they need to do is either file an appeal or submit a new application.

However, for what reasons do many people want it despite the high risk of rejection? Obviously! The benefits of becoming a permanent resident in Singapore is something hard to ignore. If you still do not know what those are, read the list below.

  • To live, enter, and leave the country without visa issues.
  • To include offspring below 21 years of age.
  • To get a long-term stay visa for senior parents.
  • Better childcare and education for kids.
  • Lower medical expenses.
  • More chances to buy real estate or housing at resale prices.

What Scheme Suits Your PR Application?

  • PTS

This acronym stands for Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers. They are a group of people who came to Singapore to work their profession. If you belong to this category, then applying for PR is much easier. You see, there is a 95% chance you would receive approval since you have done so much for society. Just make sure you have a copy of your payslip from the past six months before applying.

  • GIP

As for this scheme, it stands for Global Investment Programme. It means you are a foreign investor who wants to invest a large amount of money into the country. If you are in this category, your application will have no issue as long as you submitted a three-year investment plan.

What Eligibility Criteria Must You Meet First?

  • You got married to a native Singapore Citizen or a Permanent Resident
  • You have a senior Singapore Citizen parent.
  • You got legally adopted by someone to live in Singapore.
  • You are a student studying in Singapore.
  • You are a foreign investor.

4 Factors That Can Improve Your Chances of Getting PR Approval

1. Translate all documents in UK English

You have to, especially if your documents are all in non-English. Translating it would help the ICA understand everything listed on your PR application.

2. Submit all required papers within seven days of your online submission.

Of course, if you do not want your permanent resident application to receive a rejection. So, make sure to submit everything within seven days.

3. Have family ties in the country.

Once the ICA notices your family registry, they will understand your willingness to why you want to stay and live here for good. So, keep things clear and clarify your ties with others.

4. Obtain a high level of education.

The higher your education is, the better. More so, if you have years of experience. It only means you would contribute so much to the economy.

3 Common Mistakes You Avoid When Filling Out PR Application

1. Rushing your application

Most applicants do not know they need at least six months of working experience in Singapore before applying. As a result, their permanent resident applicant ends up getting rejected. So, try not to rush things and work hard in those six months. That way, the ICA would know your willingness to stay here.

2. Submitting incomplete application

It is inevitable not to happen since rushing things would make you forget what to submit. Because of that, your application is no longer valid. Of course, you prefer not to let that happen, so make sure to double-check everything before submitting.

3. Attaching irrelevant documents

The ICA does not have much all day to review your application. So, submit only the necessary documents. If you have no idea what they are, go to ICA and check the list they have.

In Summary

To overcome challenges is not something you should be afraid of doing. More so, if you want to reach your goal. So, if you desire to become a PR, never let a rejection letter overwhelm you. Remember, if you do that, you cannot enjoy the benefits of becoming a permanent resident in Singapore. Therefore, keep these challenges in mind so you would be ready when you apply for one.

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