The Do’s and Don’ts of Learning How to Maintain Your Awning

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In a tropical country like Singapore, there are just some days where the weather is nice enough that it’s tempting to stay outside. But not everyone wants to bask outside in the hot summer sun, even with nice weather. Thankfully, there’s a simple way that you can combat sunburn and sticky, sweaty heat if you want to create any type of outdoor space for your home (or your office, store, bar, restaurant, and more!).

All you need is a great outdoor roofing or shading solution to protect you from the sun. You shouldn’t think twice about getting one, because there are several other benefits that you can enjoy aside from getting shelter from the sun. You’re probably going to need it as shelter against other elements like wind and rain, and many shading solutions are also chosen to add to the aesthetics of a space. For commercial spaces, shading is especially important to attract customers, and many even invest a lot of money on custom shadings and roofing specialists to ensure that they have a good shade or roof for their outdoor spaces.

Awnings: the ideal roofing solution

What kind of outdoor space do you have? The right kind of shading for your home or space will largely depend on your personal preference for aesthetics. There are dozens of different roofing solutions available that you can explore. For example, patio umbrellas are great for those who want a quick and easy setup that’s relatively more affordable and easy to maintain. You can also go for a canopy if you want a freestanding roof solution so you can enjoy the outdoors in the middle of your space.

One of the most popular options for shading your spaces has to be the awning. If you’re not already familiar, awnings are the name for the type of covering that acts as a second roof and attaches to the surface or exterior of the buildings. Awnings have been a staple of marketplaces and many outdoor spaces for many millennia, and there’s a good reason why they’ve stuck around for so long. They are highly versatile roofing solutions that come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. If you can think of it, there’s probably an awning that fits your style. For those who want something even more memorable, you can even find companies modifying or customising awnings!


Have an awning already?

Once you’ve taken the first step towards buying an awning, the next challenge that you have to face is to maintain it. Remember, most awnings are made of fabric, which means that they might be a bit susceptible to wear and tear. Also, some types of awnings have movable parts which may break if you’re not careful.

Thankfully, you don’t need a roof specialist in Singapore to help you maintain an awning, you only need to take a few moments of your day or week to tend to the awning. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you maintain your awning.

Do: get from a reputable awning supplier. There are dozens of companies that sell awnings, but not all of them have the awnings you necessarily need. A good awning supplier will also be able to recommend the best quality awnings for your space. It might be best, especially if you’re going to get a custom awning, to find a company with at least a few years of experience.

Don’t: forget to clean the awning at least once a month or a few times a year. Why? Because even awnings with slanted roofs and good waterproofing are subject to harmful buildups of dirt and grime. Neglecting to clean your awning may also permanently soil it.

Do: carefully consider the pros and cons of buying a retractable vs. stationary awning. These are the two types of awnings that you need to know about. Retractable ones can be put away quickly to expose outdoor spaces, while stationary ones shade spaces 24/7, but can’t be stored as easily.

Don’t: hang anything on the frame of your awning. While it might be tempting to decorate an awning with some hanging plants, lights, flowers, and other things, too much weight put onto the frame for a long period of time can cause it to warp and lose its strength.Looking for someone to help you install that brand new awning of yours? Shadetimes is here to help! Reach out to one of the most reliable roofing contractors in Singapore today by browsing our site.