Tungsten: Characteristics Of Tungsten 

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Our elementary chemistry section is one of the most complete and easy to understand. Here we use basic concepts so that this chair is more understandable. Every element on the periodic table has something vital about it. That is why you must know them; you never know when you will need this knowledge.

In this issue, we will talk to you with many details about the Characteristics of Tungsten or Walframium, element number 74 of the current table of elemental chemistry. Let’s see its uses, properties, and qualities in different environmental factors. Without further ado, let’s begin. Characteristics of Tungsten or Walframium

To begin with, this element was discovered some time ago, specifically in the year 1781. The pharmacist Carl Wilhelm Scheele, a Swedish national, did it. Although this famous scientist was born in Germany, he discovered a strange substance. Mainly composed of elements of acid consistency. Years later, the brothers Juan Delhuyar and Fausto Delhuyar were great chemists with a legacy.


Learn more about this material that has been gaining more and more space and becomes the darling of today. It is also known as Tungsten; a word derived from the Swedish, Tung Sten. In the Spanish language, it means heavy stone. This element is located in group 6. It is a scarce metal and one of the rarest on earth. This can only be found in some oxides and certain minerals. In its pure state, it is metallic gray; sometimes, it has some whitish tones. It is very resistant, with the highest melting point of all metals, reaching 3422 degrees, while the boiling is at 5555 degrees.

It is highly resistant to corrosion and breakage points. However, despite its great stubbornness regarding resistance, if it is processed well, it can be molded. Only within its derivatives, it is almost impossible to manipulate it due to its fragility.

Uses Of Tungsten Or Tungsten

Its most important properties, such as hardness or resistance, make it very important for human activities. In Tungsten Alloys Recycling, Alloys of this element allow the design of elements for some types of light bulbs and lamps. We can see it in pipes of different electronic equipment, such as computers and televisions.

This element is present in car distributors, x-ray devices, coils, and various electric ovens as an electrical contact point. It is also used in constructing spaceships, although to a lesser extent.