“Using Org Charts to Power Success.”

Boost Business Success with Organization Charts

The Organization Chart is a useful tool to formally present a company or a business’s organizational structure in a highly visual and graphical manner that is easy to understand in a single view. It is the main reference point that is used by both internal and external users for operational management, human resources development, marketing and organizational design and development.

Modern org charts provide more functionality and interactivity, and have more complex features and elements such as in the case of a SAP organization chart. These charts can be used for: new hire onboarding; identify remote employees who you can interact and engaged with; identify specific roles, responsibilities and expectations that can help boost productivity; and usher in internal career growth opportunities.

The use of org design software facilitates the faster and more accurate design and creation of organizational charts. Advanced org chart solutions like that from Nakisa Hanelly can also be used to develop more comprehensive and useful charts that can be updated automatically through a collaborative environment participated in by human resources, management staff and other key figures in the organization.

The following infographic provides an overview of how organization charts can be harnessed to help enhance workforce management and organizational development – all geared towards boosting business success.