What business to open today for- 2020

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The lack of work , the crisis from which we have not yet fully emerged, the desire to renew one’s career or simply to work for ourselves lead many today to wonder what are the sectors in which it is worth investing to start their own business.

When you decide to start your own business you need a lot of determination, planning, analysis and above all a winning and original business idea.

In order to start a business successfully, it is necessary to develop an entrepreneurial project that not only meets the needs of the reference market and the target but also that is able to distinguish itself from the competition by originality and functionality.

Once you have found a winning project that will thrill you and in line with our skills and knowledge, you will need a lot of patience and determination in starting the new business. A new business, especially in an unstable economic period, requires a lot of planning and careful and targeted business choices to be successful.

If you also want to go it alone but you lack inspiration, we give it to you. Below we will list 12 of the sectors that are currently most popular and most profitable, 12 business activities with excellent prospects for development and growth also for 2020.

  1. Training for children

The training is crucial to today in every area, from the school until the work, through the personal. Whether it is learning a new language, learning more about a school subject, acquiring artistic and musical skills or learning how to exploit technological and IT tools, training is now a fertile and profitable market, especially when the target is as delicate as that of children. The training aimed at children must in fact be performed with certified and effective methods, as well as interesting, interactive and innovative for children. Parents, on the other hand, will be willing to pay a professional service well to ensure the learning of the little ones.

  1. Automatic distribution

The automatic distribution sector is today capable of incorporating almost any type of goods, products or services. From fully automated laundries to 24-hour food and drink shops, to the most modern vending machines that are real fast food thanks to the integrated cooking systems, passing through the distributors of drugs and par pharmacies, cannabis products or still of products for adults. Opening a business in the automatic distribution sector is cheap and easy to manage, an excellent investment for the next few years.

  1. Home care for the elderly and sick

A sector that hasn’t slowed down in the past 10 years. A steady and solid growth that, perhaps by its nature, the crisis has not touched, indeed if anything has strengthened it. Opening a service agency for the elderly and the individual requires knowledge of the sector and the various dynamics. It is a market where one can hardly improvise. To make the difference, then, outstanding personal skills and sensitivity / empathy towards the needs of others.

  1. Real estate auction consultant

There are many properties that have ended up in the hands of banks or the tax authorities for various reasons. These properties are auctioned to be transformed into liquidity and it is precisely in these auctions that you can do real business. The operation of the auction itself is not complex but it is very important to know the various clauses or obligations related to each property that is banned. The figure of the auction consultant was therefore born: a professional who follows you in the search for the best property to buy at the auction and throughout the purchase process and any resale.

  1. Real estate specialized in rentals

If you don’t buy houses almost any more, you can certainly rent them, because you need a roof over your head. The greater mobility required by the modern way of life leads people to move much more than in the past and this has facilitated the success of real estate agencies specializing exclusively in leases. Commercial spirit and the license of real estate agent are essential: the first one must look for it within oneself to see if it is there, for the second one just need to take a recognized course.

  1. Medium and long term car rental

Longer-term vehicle rental is an increasingly popular service and new innovative agencies have been created for this purpose. Very often they do not even have a fleet on site, but rely directly on a network that provides them with the vehicles that customers choose from the catalog.

  1. Catering

The restaurant sector is always in first place in Indian in terms of turnover and profitability as well as innovation. Every year new original and successful formats are born in the restaurant sector which has led many new entrepreneurs to success. The elements that in this case cannot be missing for the success of the business are absolute quality, attentive customer service, passion and originality.

  1. Escape room

For some time now, a new form of entertainment has come from the USA both in India and in Asia. The room escape is a physical transposition of the famous video game escape from a room. This form of entertainment is having great success especially among young people, but not only. To be successful in this sector, where competition is not yet high in India, a lot of originality is certainly needed to create the themes of the rooms, the enigmas, the stories and attention to detail.

  1. Home car wash

An activity no longer new but which does not seem to stop its success is that of home car wash. Adapted for the customer and a smart format for new entrepreneurs they have brought these mobile stations carwash home (often ecological, steam or with ozone) to have more and more success.

  1. Food delivery

The field of ‘ home delivery presents a growing exponentially and dizzy all over Asia. Above all, food delivery, which is the delivery of meals and drinks at home, is proving to be able to produce really interesting turnover against a minimum initial investment for the entrepreneur.

  1. Recycling and ecology

In a consumerist world like ours we can say that we are living in the era of disposable, producing a worrying amount of waste of all kinds. Since a problem arises in this case not only a solution but also a business with excellent prospects for profits and growth related to recycling and the disposal of waste but also to the use of energy renewable and solutions Ecological.

  1. Wine bar

The wine bars in India are still a format able to give great economic satisfaction. Our country is in fact always among the first in all of Asia for the production and consumption of wine. Opening a successful wine bar means offering a range of quality wines, from well-known to local labels.