Why Should E-Commerce Businesses Value Delivery Services this 2021?

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News and studies about the COVID-19 strain filled the broadcast channels and social media platforms during the last weeks of 2020. There have been announcements from different countries that welcomed passengers from the United Kingdom, that they have patients who have this new strain of the virus. Of course, the best strategy to follow when occurrences like this happen is to conduct another sweep of precautionary measures, including another lockdown period. With the possibility of another lockdown, businesses are on alert. Considering the impact of the first lockdown during the first and second quarter of last year, sales have gone low, which have forced plenty of companies to shut down, but a lot of companies went digital which helped strengthen their place in the industries. The rise of eCommerce business took its spotlight last year, and it is predicted that they will take over the next generations to come! If you are one of those businesses that aim to go digital, you must prioritise getting a reliable company that can provide you with express delivery service. It is one of the absolute requirements when it comes to running an eCommerce business. 

In this article, you will learn the value of delivery service in eCommerce for the year 2021.  

Delivery service as the main ingredient in the success

Every day a large group of people receive parcels, whether it be letters or goods. In the olden days, it would take 7 to 10 working days before the receiver gets its package, but today it may take less than 24 hours for it to arrive in the doors of their house. It is all thanks to the number of delivery methods and options that are available today!

Of course, the satisfaction of speedy deliveries comes with a price. Same day delivery may cost customers plenty of money than waiting for a day or two for a cheap price. It will all depend on the location, and as a business owner, you should provide your customers with these options if you do not want to miss out on gaining their loyalty. Indeed, the delivery service is now the main ingredient in success!

Ways you can increase your customer satisfaction with delivery service

Delivery is the last impression that a customer will have of your business. Hence, if they experience a problem, it is going to leave them a bad impression of your brand. They may even publicise their discontent with your service, which is something that you should and can prevent with good freight forwarding service. Let these ways help you in increasing your customer satisfaction and have a fruitful 2021 business year.

Choose the right logistics company

One mistake that business owners often commit when looking for a logistics company is they look at the prices first. What these owners forget is that reliable courier services often have competitive prices that could justify their excellent service. Although this does not mean that you ignore their price altogether, you have to examine if they could perform equally as their prices. Here are some qualities of a delivery service company that you should check:

  • Communication skills
  • Client reviews
  • Delivery methods that they offer
  • Online parcel tracking service
  • Delivery return procedures

Discount offers

Who would not want a free delivery service? Customers particularly appreciate the discount offers they will get from a company when they reach a certain amount. It is something that every business owner should consider if you want them to stay loyal to your business. You could schedule monthly discounted offers on delivery or holidays in Malaysia. These could encourage customers to spend more. Therefore, you gain more profit. 

Ensure the safety of parcels

Last-mile delivery ensures that every package is secured from the warehouse to the receiver’s door. It is the type of delivery option that sellers should opt for if they want to give their customers the promptness of delivery that they expect. Of course, no one would want to receive a damaged parcel. Therefore it is partially the sellers’ responsibility to hire a reliable delivery service provider to assure that. Most importantly, you should put the products in the right size containers before you ship them out. 

What can reliable delivery services do for your business?

Aside from the loyalty of the customers, there are many other benefits that an eCommerce business receives when they hire a trustworthy express delivery service provider. Here are some of what you could expect them to do for your business:

  • Keep up with the competition

Last year alone, there was a boom in the eCommerce industry. It has become more profitable to set up an online business today than a brick and mortar store. If you want to be on par with start-ups and other small businesses, you would want to get the help of the delivery service! Trust that they will perform to meet your expectations.

  • Meet the demands

Business owners need to meet the demands of their customers if they want them to stay loyal. These demands include the urgency of receiving their packages on time. Thanks to efficient same-day delivery services, you could ensure that your customers’ needs are met!

  • Improved customer service

These days, the express delivery service is tied with the performance of customer service. When a delivery service is poor, they would also call your customer service poor. It is never a good thing to be known as the company that has poor service, thus choosing the best delivery service to match your good customer service!

Choosing Hock Cheong Malaysia

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