4 things to consider when hiring a skip during the winter

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Construction shows no signs of slowing down in the northwest – particularly Preston. So, whether you’ve decided to make a start on your home renovation project this winter or you’ve made it your new year’s resolution to declutter, hiring a skip is a great idea.

Skip hire in Preston can save you a great deal of time – leaving waste disposal to the experts. But if you’re hiring during the winter, there are several factors you need to think about to ensure safety, including:

  • Site access

A reputable skip hire company will deliver the skip to a location of your choice – be it your home or your business – on the back of a large vehicle. They’ll make sure that the skip is positioned safely and somewhere that you can easily access – allowing you to dispose of waste as soon as it’s produced. To make it easier for the fleet driver to deliver and collect, please make sure that there is sufficient space for them to manoeuvre safely.

  • Rain

When hiring a skip in the winter, you can expect rain to come down quite quickly – making it essential that you keep the skip covered. Leaving a skip uncovered when it’s raining will result in it filling with water and wetting the contents held inside it – adding to the weight.

Soil and grass absorb a lot of water. If you plan on leaving the skip off-road you’ll need to inform the skip provider in plenty of time so they can plan ahead and send a suitable vehicle to collect the skip once it’s full.

  • Snow

Heavy snowfall can have a huge impact on transport, making it difficult for us to safely transport skips. If it snows before, or on the day you arrange skip hire in Preston, you’ll likely postpone your project to when the snow has cleared, and an experienced skip hire company will accommodate this and allow you to rearrange skip hire for then.

  • Skip hire company

If you’re to get the best value for skip hire in Preston, you need to work with a reputable company – one you can trust to deliver and collect skips on time. Although there are many companies offering skip hire, few offer more expertise than Preston Skips.

Preston Skips have earned a fantastic reputation for affordable skip hire in Preston and provide domestic skips in a range of sizes. They can help you to select the best skip for the job in hand, ensuring you have enough space to dispose of rubbish.

Come rain or shine, the team at Preston Skips provide a reliable service for all customers and make sure skips are positioned correctly. Taking advantage of their skip hire services will allow you to relax in the knowledge that skip hire regulations are met – helping you to avoid expensive fines.

Need to know more about skip hire in Preston? Call 01772 827 603 or send an email to [email protected]