5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions

Businesses want to increase their sales and reinforce their brand message while nurturing their relationship with their customers. Hence, they use various marketing communication tools, and the most used strategy is sales promotions.

Sales promotion is a short-term marketing communication tool that businesses can use in different ways. It can help them increase their sales, promote a new product, increase product awareness, move aging products, improve brand reputation, boost customer satisfaction, keep existing customers, and invite new ones.

Accordingly, retailers can implement different types of sales promotion activities, depending on their goals. These activities include flash sales, special offers, coupons or discounts with purchases, and other non-recurring selling efforts that are typically not part of a business’s typical sales routine. And these can be in various forms, such as printed materials, radio and television ads, and digital media.

However, as businesses are becoming more and more competitive in this digital era, companies need to implement new ideas and tools to engage with their customers and increase sales effectively. A lot of businesses are now investing in self-checkout systems and upgrading their shelf labeling system.

Using electronic shelf labels does not only improve the work efficiency of employees and reduce labor costs. Instead, it also helps retailers provide customers with more accurate, clear, and comprehensive product information, making customers’ shopping experience more convenient.

Moreover, these electronic price tags can be useful tools that businesses can use when implementing a sales promotion activity. Besides providing pricing and product information, electronic shelf labels offer a more futuristic digital image to a store’s environment. It can display various media, including full graphic images, customer’s logo, and pictures.

Various companies, such as SoluM, offer electronic shelf label solutions that can improve a retailer’s performance level for their sales promotion activities. SoluM’s ESLs, which are empowered by the all-new Newton system, has features that can enhance a business’s sales promotion execution. It offers a high-resolution display, which can capture a walking customer’s attention. It also supports LBS (Location-Based Service) feature, allowing customers to find the location of products being promoted quickly. 

Furthermore, it supports NFC (Near-Field Communication) feature, allowing customers to link their mobile phones to the business’s online website, letting them check more information about the product or download a digital coupon. It has an interactive button to contact store staff to inquire about the product being promoted or need assistance with the promo mechanics.

Here is Solum’s infographic, which lists five reasons why Newton is the key to businesses’ sales promotions.

5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions