SEO – Don’t Forget About Social Media

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Let’s face it. SEO takes a huge amount of time and effort before you start seeing any major results. The time between when you first build a website and optimize it and the day your website is getting tens of thousands of views from a high rank is quite long. While it varies from business to business, this is always the case.

There are always methods to improve our traffic early on, however. The use of social media helps to accomplish this. Social media has no direct impact on your search engine ranking. That being said, it can certainly help boost your traffic.

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Promoting Your Blog Via Social Media

When you have a strong blog post on your website that you really want to get out there, it can be a good idea to post it on social media as well. You can either post the entire blog post in the hopes that someone will find it interesting enough to check out other blog posts that you’ve written, or you can put a snippet of the blog on your social media with a link to the full blog post on your webpage.

How Do I Go About Accomplishing This?

The first thing you’ll need to do is research an interesting topic under your niche. You want to make a nice, long, informative blog post that will really capture your audience’s attention. This is not the time for a fluff piece!

Once you’ve made your blog post, simply share it through your social media accounts. The best ones to use are Quora, Blogger, and so on. You can put it on Facebook and other sites like that as well if you have a good following there.

This is also the perfect time to build your email marketing list. Add a CTA button at the base of your blog post for people to input their emails. That way, they can receive a link from you directly whenever you post new blogs or have a sale. The more the merrier!

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