5 ways to revive your writing

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Writers block affects everyone particularly when working from home where distractions are everywhere. You may feel uninspired and find the joy of writing slowly fading away.

The public relations experts at Adoni Media have some advice on how you can boost your creativity and get back on track with your next writing task.

Change your attitude toward productivity

Try to define your work by quality over the quantity of content you generate. Sometimes ideas will come to you easily and other times it takes a little longer. Obviously, working towards relentless deadlines can shatter your inspiration, but try to find ways to reignite your creativity during these times. You may need to read a book or listen to your favourite podcast to get you back in the zone.

Get other work done

If you are experiencing writer’s block, use the time to be productive in other ways. Complete tasks that will de-clutter your to-do list such as answering emails, putting away the washing up or organising files on your computer’s desktop. It can be hard to concentrate when other responsibilities are constantly on your mind, which is a challenge when working from home. If you tick off some tasks of your to-do list, it might help free your mind and spark creativity.

Change your environment

Fresh air, sunlight and a change of environment can help feed creativity. If your office space isn’t inspiring you, try working outside for a change – even the balcony or backyard might be the only mix up you need. It’s important to give your mind a break and fuel yourself with food, coffee and plenty of water when you need it.

Be inspired

Find ways to spark creativity and inspiration. Brainstorming is a great way to record random ideas and thoughts before starting the writing process. Try to get in the habit of writing down thoughts and ideas when they come to you so you can refer back to them in the future. Look to writing prompts as well – there are lists published online you can refer to.

Swap the keyboard for a pen

Touchscreens and keyboards have become our new norm but writing things down with pen and paper can be more effective at letting the creative juices flow. Brainstorming and planning on paper can also make the writing process easier when you move to the computer.