6 Ways to Generate Interior Design Ideas

Ideas give you the inspiration to renovate or revamp your living space. Ideas also help you transform your dream home into a reality. For instance, you have an idea to make your kitchen look more modern. And so, you’ll find ways to do it by buying the materials needed and looking for an interior designer company in Singapore who can assist you throughout the project.  See, ideas fuel your mind to think about what to do. Because without them, it would be hard to find a blueprint for your renovation. 

Indeed, you can say that ideas are helpful, but sometimes looking or coming up with renovation design ideas in Singapore is a challenge. So, if you want some inspiration, let this article show you how you can look for ideas when decorating, designing, and revamping your living space. 

Ways to Generate Interior Design Ideas

It’s not easy to think of ideas when you feel stressed, uninspired or bored in your daily routine. Although you want to offer a unique concept, it can be impossible if you’re not willing to come out of your comfort zone. Yes, you can find interior design ideas in Singapore when meeting new people, travelling, or discovering art museums. All of these activities can energise your mind to think outside the box. To keep your brain working, here are the ways to generate ideas for your renovation project: 


1) Take Clues from Your Fashion Style 

If you don’t have any clues about your interior design style, you can take an idea from your wardrobe. Open your closet and examine your clothing choices. Is it vintage, artsy, or chic fashion? Are you fond of exotic and sexy clothing? With this, you can form your renovation design ideas in Singapore. 

You can take this as a sample whether you like a particular style. For instance, your fashion sense is more of wearing vintage clothes. It can mean that you’ll also prefer to have vintage furniture and styling for your home. 

Take note of how you feel about the ambience of your home. Will you feel relaxed and happy? Will it make you feel excited to go home after a long day? Make sure that it reflects your personality and values to be confident with your living space. So, don’t forget to open your wardrobe for your interior design ideas inspiration! 

2) Take Note of Your Media Consumerism Behaviour 

When you say media consumerism, it means the music you listen to, books you read, movies, and series you watch. You can take clues from your behaviour about the genre you like, from romance, fantasy, a slice of life, to anime! There are a variety of choices of the genre in the media. Hence, be mindful of what you like the most out of them. It can give you an idea about the theme of your interior design ideas. 

For instance, you can make your bedroom inspired by your favourite series like Friends, the American sitcom. You can also pattern your living room into the vibe you want from your favourite music genre. Ideas are everywhere! All you have to do is to be mindful of your behaviour. And, for sure, you’ll find the concept for your renovation.

After formulating your ideas, you can now look for interior design services in Singapore to start doing the project. As you wait for the outcome, you’ll feel excited about how your living space will transform! 

3) Consult an Experienced Interior Designer 

Another way to generate ideas for your renovation project is to consult an experienced interior designer. Since they have years of experience, they know the different living space styles. For this reason, they can recommend you to pick a particular style. They also know the common problems people face relating to interior design. So partnering with them can help you think of ideas that can be helpful for the overall renovation project. 

Some designers may also offer an interior design package in Singapore that includes the style you want, materials, and other services. It will be easier for you to stick with your goals with this convenience. Your interior designer will also share some tricks and tips about the renovation that can help you form unique design ideas. 

4) List What You Don’t Like 

The tips above tell you about determining what you like. However, listing down things you don’t prefer will also help you generate renovation design ideas. It can help you narrow down choices and stick with what you like. For instance, you don’t like the colour red because it reminds you of violence, or you don’t like the squeak and noise from a swinging chair.

Determining what you don’t like will help you cross out the things that will not make you happy. Keep in mind that listing down what you don’t like is on a personal level. So, have some time to take down notes to determine your preferences. As such, you’ll help the interior designer company to stick with your expectations. Finally, remember that likes and dislikes will define yourinterior design ideas. 

5) Choose Colours You Like 

People like to ask: what is your favourite colour, as you grow up. Hence, as you reach adulthood, you’ll probably know the colours you prefer. Colours are an essential part of interior designing because they can set the mood and the ambience of your living space. You can choose blue and while for a calmer space, while green if you want the vibes of nature. 

Colours can also give you interior design ideas, such as sticking to black and white colour schemes or being extravagant with rainbow colours! You can do more with colours because it is the source of inspiration. So, pick the colours you like and let them help you create your unique renovation design ideas. 

6) Trust Your Instinct 

Yes, you can generate ideas within yourself! For sure, you have a unique concept that will reflect your personality. Don’t be afraid to show the interior design ideas coming from yourself. You can go for an indoor plant for your bathroom, a Painting in the living room, and even a hanging bookshelf! Interior design is an art form, and you can make it a beautiful canvas to paint.

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