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Sending flowers to someone is a gesture that plenty of people appreciate. No matter what the occasion is, be it a wedding or funeral, getting a bouquet can have beneficial effects on the recipient. However, the ongoing pandemic stops people from heading to their local stores for flower delivery in Singapore.

Fortunately, plenty of shops are utilising the Internet to provide their customers with an online flower delivery service in Singapore. You no longer have to worry about placing yourself at risk of getting COVID-19 and relax as your florist attends to your order and brings it to your doorstep.

If it is your first time getting an online flower delivery service, read this article and learn about these seven tips to help you get high-quality blooms.

7 Tips for Online Flower Delivery in Singapore

Go for Reputable Stores

The first step in successful online flower delivery is determining which stores in Singapore are reputable. Since you won’t be able to inspect the products yourself, you need to rely on other aspects of getting blooms if you want to avoid scams. The following are some of the factors you need to check in a store before buying anything:

  • Customer reviews
  • Active Social Media Presence
  • Legitimate Email and Phone Number

Aside from these factors, you can check their website for any mistakes regarding design or grammar. Usually, stores that intend to scam their customers will have web pages that are full of grammatical errors and design flaws. Furthermore, the overall look of the site will be cheap or subpar.

Compare Prices

After you narrow down your choices to several reputable stores, your next step in getting a flower delivery is to compare the prices of their products. If you have a flower bouquet or arrangement in mind, see if they offer what you need. Otherwise, browse through their catalogue and see which one you are considering buying.

Remember that price is not the only indication of high-quality flowers. While it is true that some blooms are expensive, quality is generally not the only factor that determines its cost. Holidays, such as Valentine’s Day or All Souls’ Day, can have a significant impact on the prices of flower bouquets and arrangements.

One last thing when comparing prices for your online flower delivery request is to set realistic expectations. If you are ordering during the holiday season, you should raise your budget to accommodate the changes. While there will be stores that offer cheap products, remember that these will most likely attempt to scam you.

Assess Their Location

The location of a store is an essential factor to consider if you wish to receive fresh blooms for yourself or to give to someone else. Generally speaking, reputable shops will list their location at the bottom of their website.

If you want a same-day flower delivery service, you need to consider traffic and holidays if you need those blooms at a specific time. While other stores may have options if you are in a hurry, these extras will typically cost you more.

Seek the Help of a Florist


Florists are experts in arranging and handling matters related to blooms. No matter what their customer requests, they can handle it. Bouquets, sympathy flowers, and funeral arrangements are all within their skills. Therefore, you shouldn’t shy away from seeking their help for a stress-free flower delivery experience.

Furthermore, feel free to seek the help of the best florist in Singapore if you need more suggestions on how to order flowers.

Check Their Terms & Service

Since it is your first time requesting an online flower delivery service in Singapore, you must understand the terms and service of a store before purchasing bouquets or arrangements. Some websites may have a section regarding frequently asked questions which may prove useful to you. Additionally, you are free to inquire about their policies involving cancellation or refund requests.

Generally speaking, their customer service should be able to explain their policies clearly and effectively. Remember that these stores should act professionally to you. Any question that you have, no matter how stupid you think it is, will be met with open arms.

Anticipate Holidays

As mentioned briefly in previous points, holidays have a significant impact on the demand for flowers. Depending on the special occasion, prices for bouquets, arrangements, and other goods may significantly rise. Typically, these days will fall under Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and All Souls’ Day.

If you know that you will be requesting an online flower delivery on these days, you should anticipate the volume of orders that stores will have. If possible, you should consider purchasing bouquets, arrangements, and other products in advance to avoid the hassle that holidays bring.

Research on Floriography

<img src=”” alt=”Kindly-illustrate-a-person-browsing-through-different-flowers-Thank-you” border=”0″ />

Another important aspect of purchasing blooms and requesting a flower delivery is understanding floriography. If you don’t know what it means, the term is a fancy name for the language of flowers. Everyone knows that each one carries a message or symbolism. Therefore, sending your loved ones a bouquet with the appropriate blooms is a highly appreciated gesture.

For example, a rose delivery in Singapore may have various meanings depending on its colour. Red symbolises romance, beauty, and courage. Yellow indicates friendship and joy. Orange stands for desire and sensuality. Pink carries messages of appreciation and gratitude. Lastly, white means innocence and purity.

Therefore, it is essential to understand what blooms symbolise before requesting an online flower delivery service in Singapore. Doing so will make the recipient happier.


An online flower delivery service in Singapore is a convenient method for buyers to acquire bouquets, arrangements, and other products while staying in the comfort of their homes. However, there are risks to this method as you cannot inspect the blooms before purchasing them.

Fortunately, there are tips you can follow if you wish to have a stress-free experience. The first step is to choose reputable stores for your online flower delivery request. After you determine your choices, it is time to compare the prices of their products. Remember that the cost of bloom does not necessarily indicate its quality. Once you choose a store, you need to check if its location is near you. This factor is essential, especially if you wish to get your order fresh.

Once you determine its location as acceptable, you should consider seeking the help of the best florist in Singapore for their recommendation. Additionally, you should check their terms and service and anticipate holidays for price changes.

Lastly, researching floriography is a welcome move if you wish to have your blooms carry a message to your loved ones.

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