Advisory on the safety management measures at the workplace in Singapore 

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In Singapore, the Tripartite partners that consist of Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Singapore National Employers Federation and the National Trades Union Congress are given the responsibility for managing the general workplace setting of the country after the circuit breaker period of COVID 19. Hence they have issued a set of Singapore Safe Management measures that every employer or businessman needs to follow upon resuming their operations. These Tripartite advisory measures are given as follows:

  • Implementing a system of safety management measures at the workplace

These measures include identifying relevant risks, conducting an inspection, and checks so that compliance can be ensured all the time. In case any non-compliance cases are found it should immediately be reported and documented.  

  • Reducing the physical interaction and ensuring safe distancing at the workplace

Every employer should cancel all those activities that involve close and prolonged contacts such as seminars, conferences, and exhibitions. Meeting should be conducted with the help of video conferencing and employers should encourage work from home wherever possible. Employers should also provide the necessary IT equipment to their employees so that they can work online easily from their homes.

  • Supporting contact tracing necessities

Every employer should encourage their employees to download the TraceTogether app so that the Ministry of Health (MOH) can easily identify the possible contact of COVID 19 patients. Apart from that, every employer should restrict the entry of the unwell employee and encourage them to stay at home. The employer should also restrict the visitors if they are unwell and reschedule the appointment of visitors to another date.  

  • Using personal protective equipment and observing good personal hygiene

Every employer must ensure that all their staff, visitors, employees, suppliers, contractors, and others are wearing a mask as well as other personal protective equipment whenever they enter the premises of the workplace.  Apart from that, they should also maintain good personal hygiene, for example, they should wash their hand regularly.   

  • Ensuring cleanliness at the premises of the workplace 

Every employer should ensure that their workplace especially the common spaces are clean. They should also regularly clean all their machinery and equipment with cleaning and disinfecting agents.