Amazing Benefits of Rugged Tablets

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Mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, have opened a new whole world of adventure for tech users around the world. Although access to entertainment and information is virtually everywhere, consumer devices have the downside of spills, drops and other forms of accidents, which could render them useless.

With that being the case, should users consider going rugged? Well, rugged tablets come with watertight seals, reinforced frames, and sturdy glass, meaning they can be used in harsh conditions. They are also mounted with shock-absorbent components that prevent damage.

With the regular working tablets recording an 18 percent failure rate annually, the rugged model gives users a failure rate of just 4 percent. Here are some reasons to buy rugged tablets.

Strong and Flexible

In the industrial space, a rugged tablet is mostly constructed using tough and rugged materials. Because the equipment will be likely to be handled by many people, it is created to withstand potential accidents.

Most of the devices have a high ingress protection rating, such as IP65. This means they are created in a way that protects them from water spray or dust. MIL-STD-810 is the other certification, showing that the tablet is protected from vibration and breakage within a radius of four feet.

The tablets have a durable touchscreen glass that is designed to prevent them from cracking in case they fall. Because they are fan less, they cannot suck in dust and other harmful elements. For outside computing, there are sunlight readable screens available.

Most of these devices have cellular capabilities, meaning you do not have to wait to access WIFI at the end of the day to send your data. Some also have GPS and fingerprint readers, among other accessories, which makes the device highly convenient.

Cost Effective

A rugged tablet PC may seem to be a little expensive compared to the commercial-grade ones. However, in the long-run, you will be saving. This is because this device is designed to last long. Commercial tablets are often repaired or replaced each year several times.

The rugged ones give you services for many years without any interruption. Rugged device vendors ensure that each component is available in case the user will need to fix the tablet.


The most appealing aspect of rugged notebooks is their portability. This makes them an excellent part of the hospitality industry. Because they have advanced software, they have the same processing power, just like the laptop.

However, these are light and easy to carry around. The freedom this device brings means you can carry your work around.

Higher Processing Performance

Rugged devices give high processing power. It means that their systems are robust and perfect for businesses with specific programs. For instance, they can run a POS system efficiently.

This performance reduces downtime, which means a company does not have to train staff on how to use a new system. Considering that a consumer device is likely to run slow or crash, an intrinsically safe tablet is always the best bet.

Rugged devices focus purely on the business. They focus their attention on the requirements of the work environment and work internally and externally for the company.